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Yearly Predictions 2014

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Yearly Predictions 2014 for all sun signs


The Aries Horoscope 2014 signifies great year ahead. The area of love and finance will play a very crucial role for you this year ahead. This is a very event full year for Aries and this year might start with some ups and down in .There can be a danger of shadow in your profession by the middle of this year.

Jupiter the planet of expansion is still in cancer and your fourth house till july16 and will move to Leo your fifth house. Fourth house in Aries for Jupiter brings expansion in real estate, roommate, parent, childhood and safety. Jupiter will bring good luck to this area in the coming year ahead.

This year will bring bucket of gains for you Challenges will be a major part to be tackled in the year 2014 but situation can be smoothing by the March 2014. There is no stumbling blocks while selling your present home either. You will think to create new space and extend current property.

Year 2014 may bring some sort of sweet and sour feelings between you and your spouse. Aries who are in the plan to start a new relationship or to mend the channels of communication for creating a spark and a bowl of romance should listen to their heart.

There may be a very strong trend of a relation to be split apart so if you want to save your relation or marriage you should need to cross this trend with patience and understanding

Family front will need special care in the year 2014. You should need to understand and respect the feelings of your family member.

Career wise Aries can get an overseas opportunity if longing for it. Career will be in a very powerful mode and you should try to derive maximum benefit to build strong pillars for your future till November 2014. Saturn that is the pillar of your career is in strongest degree this year, all you need is to focus, work hard and be alert regarding your education.

In a bowl your luck will improve this year and new transaction can knock by 14 July 2014.You should be very careful regarding wasteful expenses.

Business: What a lucky year you are in! This year you need to dig and bring your diverse skill and talents to glorify your business. Investment in stock market, mutual fund and shares will bring bunch of profit for you. The Aries horoscope people should be very careful while signing legal document and closing any deal. Partnership will hold a key to success.

Finance: Money will be plentiful in the year 2104 according to the findings. Debts will be paid off during this year. Year 2014 is the time to sow and not harvest. In the first half of the year 2014 you should try to save and limit your expenditure. In the second half of the year 2104 finance will be in a better sign. You can get a very big bonus and reward by your hard work.

Career: Saturn that governs your career is the strongest this year. It will bless you with the outcome that you were eager for. All you need is to concentrate on your hard work and dedication. Your major projects will finally meet destination before 3rd march 2014 and new projects will be started after 3rd march 2014. In June 2014 you can be pitched as an exemplary employee in your company but it’s indicated that you should be most humble this year. You can get some trouble at work in the month of July and august but nothing to worry, you should enjoy some recreational atmosphere like soft music and plays.

Aries career Horoscope 2014 indicates that by September 2014 you will be get a chance to participate in any joint investment but you should be very careful a September 2014 is not a revenue month for you. You can indulge yourself in small investment first and wait for October 2014 start your business when and luck and finances will knock you.

Romance: In the month of March and April you will be very strongly passionately romantic. But there will be a challenging trend in love and marriage matter this year. In the matters of heart you will be exceptionally intuitive to know right things to do and right things to say. In the first some first month of this year there will be can a feeling of cold shoulder but by mutual understanding and love it can be overcome. If you are planning to get married it can be solemnized in the first half of the year, but if you are married you should avoid any differences. If your relation is dead it is of no use to revive it back.

Aries love horoscope 2014 indicates that your charm will rise this year and ability to attract partner will be very high but you should avoid any relationship in your workplace. A good amount of turn will come in the month of November 2014

Health: Year 2014 indicates a very good health for you but over work and burden should be avoided. Worst you can suffer from bowel and spine trouble. and so eating habits should be improved. Aries descendent should drive carefully to avoid any major accident in the year 2014. Worry should be avoided this year to maintain good health and well being. If you are over 50 cardiovascular arrests are foreseen.

Aries Health Horoscope 2014 indicates that you should not worry too much regarding your health. You will enjoy sound health this year but you should be balance your work and relax. Exercise should be a part of your daily routine.

Relationship: In this year charm of Aries will be very high and bestowed with remarkable ability to attract lovers but you should be very careful start any relation in at office or workplace. Aries relationship horoscope shows that conflict and misunderstanding with colleague can arise. It is a good time for social activity and it will be very ravishing if you give good time and freedom to your children

Education: the first half of the year will not bring desirous result in your studies and education. If you have a plan to enroll into new course then complete information should be gathered about concerned institiute.Second half of year 2014 will be very favorable and will also ripe benefit for those who want to go abroad for studies.

Lucky stone-Coral

Lucky Color- Red

Lucky Day-Tuesday, Friday

Lucky Numbers-9, 8, 6

Compatible Zodiac sign- Gemini. Leo. Sagittarius, Aquarius

Incompatible Zodiac sign- Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, Capricorn


Taurus representing sign of Bull will have mixed set of fortunes in the year 2014.Year 2014 is beginning with Venus moving in reverse in the sign of Aquarius that can lead you to return to old relationship. Your old relationship or part relationship can be a part of your life. This is a year in which spiritual interest will arise. You may enjoy very intimate relation with your loved ones.

Jupiter the planet of expansion will be in your third house i.e. in cancer until July 16th and will move to Leo that is your fourth house .In Jupiter cancer becomes far nurturing and it represents home, childhood, mother, safety, security and a comfortable retirement. Jupiter in the third house represents interpersonal communication, local community and commercial activities. This area of zodiac denotes that how you get socialize with the people.

This year will bring mix result for Taurus and is a period of change of majority of people under this zodiac sign. Relationship will take a serious tone and will finally lead to commitment and marriage. You will be busier than more than usual for 7 months and it is better for you to work alone because you may not show cooperation to your colleague and your coworker’s.

The first part of year 2014 will want for adjustment, as some setbacks and delays are forecasted as Venus, Mercury and mercury will be retrograde at different time from January through June.

Family will be supportive this year. This year is will give you lot of opportunity to socialise.You will spend well with your family and friends.

Career will experience a blistering aroma of change. You will keep and maintain a steady pace at your work place. Opportunity of upcoming large projects is forecasted.

Saturn is still projecting “tough love” teaching moments on best friends, marriage, business partner ,rivals and enemies and your closest romantic ,social and professional partnership will have to pass by silver lining test.

Business: In business front you may face challenges while negotiating contract with the partner, but this will be for a short period and you will succeed in your undertakings. There will be a huge financial gain but it will show its tinkling ray by the end of this year. So keep your head’s down and be ready to romance with your gains.

Finance: This year your finance may not success as last year. Profit and investment will tack aback but investment of previous year will made you happy for gain. Taurus horoscope 2014 predicts that if you have a balance and planned financial planning you may buy a house or a car. In the third quarter of the year your financial aspect will be stable and income will be generated.

You will need to have tight hold on finances this year .you should try not too be over generous. Much financial gain will come in the later part of the year so keep your head down and wait to taste the enchanting flavors of gains.

Career: Taurus creative is a great advantage for them. There will be a change of career by the month of March Autumn season will give you a gift of joyous essence. There could be a very large project upcoming your way so embrace it as success will be yours. By March you will be recharged with new enthusiasm, passion leaving the drags of past behind.

Taurus Career horoscope 2014 indicates that to reduce monotony you need to take a break and spend lavish short vacation.

Romance: If you are still single you may find the love of your life. First month of this year may adore you in pool of sizzling love. But for some there is a fear of ending relationship, but you will not have to feel sorry as this will be definitely right one to be apart for a failing relationship for a long time.

There is an indication that tension can arise in the month of July 2014.Misunderstandings and dispute can take away your mental peace so be aware. Married couples should protect their spouse.

Taurus love horoscope 2014 shows that family and love relations will experience positive change from November 2014.

Health: Little health issues are forecasted for Taurus. There is strong indication that you may put on weight due to wrong eating habit. Sore throat will vanish this year. But your erratic diet will cause some digestion problem. Your eye may suffer for working long on computer.

Taurus Health Horoscope 2014 says that you should take regular periodic examination this year.30 minutes a day should be spend for meditation.

Relationship: Taurus horoscope 2014 indicates that this year will bring happiness and risk and frustration in the relationship. Your personal life will be more balanced in the year compared 2014 to previous year. Your social life will experience a change You can make a new connection in the month of August 2014.Your social status will improve and will spend good time with your friends and family member’s.

Education: Education will show good trend in the year 2014.Students of all streams will do excellent in their area. Science students will come up with new projects and ideas. There will be success in competitive examination and bachelor level education.

Lucky stone-Emerald/Sapphire

Lucky Color- Lotus Pink, Green, white

Lucky Day- Friday Wednesday, Saturday.

Lucky Numbers-2, 8

Compatible Zodiac sign- cancer/Virgo /Capricorn /Pisces

Incompatible Zodiac sign- Gemini / Leo /Libra/ Sagittarius /Aquarius /Aries.



The Gemini horoscope 2014 indicates a remarkable and excellent year ahead. Negativity experienced in the previous year will show positive ray of light after 14th July 2014.The pace of life for Gemini’s will be more soothing as it will be more relax, settled and more predictable. Gemini people are ruled by dual sign that indicates intellect and business acumen.

There may be a great opportunity for new connections for this dual sign. There can be romantic tie ups and financial gains from overseas. Life will be very fast this year. Career might not need lot of hard work. Health should be taken care as it will be governed by Saturn. Too much of stress should be avoided.

Venus welcomes this year with moving in reverse direction and can lead to an encounter with old connections.

Jupiter the planet of expansion is in your second house till July 16 and will move to Leo after that. In the second house with cancer it will lead to financial gains. Abundance and prosperity will pounder a roar.

Family matters will be quite happy Career and success will make a tremendous jump after 3rd November 2014.

In career front Gemini will remain idealistic, self confident and optimist. Hard work, diligence and honesty will bring maximum luck this year.

Finances will be very pleasing and huge monetary gains are indicated.

Business: New business should not be started in this year as there is a possibility of failure. Current business should be nurtured and nourished for profits and gains. Investing in any area is not good so it should be avoided. Working and saving should be made criteria for this year.

Finance: Finance will be good this year and there is a possibility of financial gains by additional monetary income in first part of the year. There can be a financial difficulty if you are planning a house of rent. Expense may arise due to house rent. More attention should be paid in the investment field this year. Expenses should be looked with a second opinion. Bills should be paid on time to prevent any financial  issues.

Career: Struggles of last few years will give remarkable success and glory. New internet marketing skill will be useful for Gemini’s. The worrying trend and lack of clarity will be cleared by March 2014.You may face stiff competition with your colleague. Difficult situation will be cleared by January and February of this year. Both mental and physical, challenges will be there in the year 2014.There will be lot of support generated this year.

Gemini career horoscope 2014 predicts this year to be most successful year in your life.

Romance: love life will be better for Gemini this year from the previous year. Fertility will be very high this year and intimacy will sizzle this year. Single will meet the love of their life. You have the ability to express your emotion in a impressive way that will make love of your life to be close with you.

Gemini Love Horoscope 2014 predicts that love will make its way in an optimistic way. Patience will pay you in bowls of diamonds.

Health: There can be some problems related to digestion this year. June 2014 will adore you as a party girl so you should take precaution before eating and exercise should be taken as a regular regime. Your weight may need attention as there is a possibility to be overweight.Psychologically you will be very strong during this year. Middle of June 2014 is indicating heart trouble.

Gemini Health Horoscope 2014 indicates that you should mediate and join yoga to be tingling with your health in the year 2014.

Relationship: Gemini relationship shows that this year you will come up with the decision of your family members, friends and colleagues. There will be good atmosphere in the family and your interpersonal relation will bloom. A new addition in the family is probable after June 2014. In September there is a possibility of trip along with your family member.

Gemini Horoscope 2014 indicates that you may have to spend your Dura matter (brain) in resolving problems related to law, business and big contract.

Studies: students of technical, metallurgy and allied sciences will experience success. Commerce and Arts will have a tough base to take this year. Hard work is essential this year to reap a gain in the next year

Lucky stone-Agate/Yellow sapphire

Lucky Color- Blue, Green, Pink

Lucky Day-Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Lucky Numbers-7, 3

Compatible Zodiac sign- Gemini, Virgo. Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces, Libra

Incompatible Zodiac sign- Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Aries, Capricorn




Year 2014 will bring interesting and challenging beginning for you. Some exceptional and substantial development will occur but will also reward you with good opportunity. Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac cycle. Cancerians are adjusting, emotional and understanding.

Venus in reverse position will bring change in dealing and effort with your partner or in partnership situation. Jupiter in Scorpio will bring romance, new venture, life style and social activity to a change.

Year 2014 will bring lot of new opportunities. Romance will flourish .If you are single you may meet your match and even take a plunge.

Jupiter the planet of luck and expansion is still in cancer your 1st house till 16th July and will move to Leo your 2nd house. Jupiter in 1st house denotes self identity/appearances and concept of me and myself Jupiter is in your corner and will push you to cheer and smile.

Career will turn a twist this year and you will be relieved from monotonous work There will be great achievements in every aspect of you career phase. In the year 2014 you will spend all your efforts for work.

Jupiter the planet of expansion will enter your first house in the latter period of 2014 that will create a thundering explosion of positive zest in your life. It will enhance yourself identity, personality. Romantically, financially, professionally and creativity etc Jupiter is in your corner and cheering you to have fun and expand your horizon.

Business: In the previous year there were hurdles in your money and business front but situation will be soothing this year. All your efforts in the past will be rewarded. The second half this year will be very favorable .All the gains will fall in your shoulder. You will gain profits from stock market regular business and jobs. Partnerships should be kept on hold this year.

Finance: High financial rewards will come in your way this year. You will have enchanting glow as lots of immense healthy flow will knock your life. Some unexpected event will come in the month of July 2014 and huge amount of expense will shatter you due to illness of a family member.

Career: Year 2014 hold promises for you in the second half of your life. You may have conflict at workplace during first half of the period. In July 2014 you may have to deal with countless issue, but you should take care to solve it with patience in your career front. You may think to take some other educational course in the subject you have always admired.

Cancer Career Horoscope 2014 shows you will be full of ambition and goals this year. This will lead to increase amount of energy and perfection will be increased.

Romance: Your love will bloom in first part of this year. If there is any secret love affair then you should boldly express your feelings. Single Cancerian can be bowled over by another highly compatible sign. You will have to struggle with the conflicts of your emotions. Married ones may experience that their partners are trying to manipulate them.

Cancer Love Horoscope 2014 forecast that some difficulty in love will arise in the month of August and April. September will again bless you with a romantic trip. Some last month of this year will bring bitter ticklish feeling and it can lead to end of your love. In November and December you may find your true love.

Health: Year 2014 advises Cancerian to pay more attention to your health. A good health will bless you with good opportunities as health is wealth. In the month of May you should have regular health examination. Following regular exercise give you better health status. Minor negligence can lead to chronic conditions, so proper care is very utmost.

Cancer Health Horoscope 2014.says due to stressful condition in the month of October you may encounter health related issue, so stress should be avoided.

Relationship: There will be enormous pleasure associated with friends or there can be enormous pain also. You need to balance time between your work and personal life. Family is a very important part of each person’s life so you should listen to your parents, grandparents to get positive ideas. There can be lot of disturbances in family life but condition will improve from june2014.

Education: Students have to work very hard this year to get good ranks in the study. Disturbance at home may hamper your concentration and this will lag you behind. So you have to work hard and buckle up your goals.

Lucky stone-Yellow Sapphire.

Lucky Color- Cream, White, Red, Yellow

Lucky Day- Monday Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday.

Lucky Numbers-4, 6

Compatible Zodiac sign-Taurus, Virgo, Pisces

Incompatible Zodiac sign- Aries Gemini, Libra Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius.


Yearly Leo Horoscope 2014 has lot of jingle store for Leo. This New Year 2014 will bring lots of mood shades coming on Monday 2014. Leo represented by Lion represents the leadership qualities of the person born under this zodiac sign. Ruling planet is the sun that denotes power, independent, ambitious, dominating.

Year 2014 will be reasonable for Leo, but some attention has to b paid on the mater concerning family issues. Home improvement will suffer delays that can lead to frustration.

Jupiter the planet of luck will provide with good opportunities and fortune. Jupiter the planet of expansion is in cancer i.e. your 12th house till July 16th and will move to 1st house that is Leo after July 16th.Tough things are expected to solve easy by the blessing of this divine planet. Second half of 2014 will bring things to ease. Jupiter in 12th house indicates mental health/attitudes/charities/self destruction/hospitals and prisons.

Financially Leo will gain well in this coming year from previous year investment. Money will not be as good as year 2014 but you will get through all the challenges in career and business front.

Career wise Leo will get good growth and advancement. You should maintain discipline at work but do not put your sleeves on the shoulder with your colleagues. Important task shouldn’t be taken lightly at the work place.

In love pollens there may be difference with your partner in the month of April 2014 and it may be worst in the month of May2014 so try to be logic and analyze the situation properly. Single ones may expect for a harmonious relationship to bring.

Business: New ventures related to media and information may be started with the help of friends. Job seekers might be not so lucky in the coming year. February 2014 is the best time to start new business. Business that was failure in the previous year can be fruitful in the coming year. In September 2014 you will gain big contracts as your partner will be flattered by your good communication skill.

Finance: You will be worried about your expenditure in this year. Representing generous sign Leos may find themselves irritated about their going finance, but things will be improved by the latter part of the year. Expense should be check in out this year.

Career: New advancement in career front is foreseen. You will overcome all challenges and will hit all targets. Year 2014 will be a period in which you will easily change your career track midway, in the path of winning streak. You will overcome all pressure and will finish your task in the line of a sword to gather appreciation and reward.

Leo Career Horoscope 2014 indicates that you may fall a short in the month of June due to the fault of your colleague. You can be responsible for that event so be careful regarding work plan.

Romance: love life will be good in the first half of the year. Harmony will be maintained. You should remember compromise as your gemstone to get through difficult situation in love life. You should be careful during the month of April and May to continue your relationship.

Single person will be drawn towards the spiritual matters and can even to a spiritual partner. Your sexual practice will be more advanced and you may even experiment with tantric love making.

Leo Love Horoscope 2014 indicates that you should be careful to make any love matters in your work place.

Health: Year 2014 predicts less health troubles for Leo than the previous year but liver problem is indicated at the end of this year. Some burns and injuries are foreseen in the month of October and November so precaution should be taken. Periodic health examination should be done in this year.

Leo Health Horoscope 2014 indicates that alcohol and beverage should be totally avoided as it can reduce work productivity. Eating rich and nutritious food should be practiced to maintain good and proper health.

Relationship: You will be benefitted by the good relationship that you built previous year. Personal life will be adventurous and you will spend more time with your family members. September is the best time for you to relax and enjoy. You may have to change life style to complete some of your commitment.

Education: Students will be performing best this year. Management, Medical and Engineering field will outshine well. Students of other field will also do well.

Lucky stone-Ruby / Sapphire.

Lucky Color- White, Orange, Red.

Lucky Day-Tuesday, Friday

Lucky Numbers-1, 4, 5, 6

Compatible Zodiac sign- Aries, Sagittarius

Incompatible Zodiac sign-  Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius.


Virgo folk will meet with charming year 2014 but tension can grip up due to as people around you may bring complex problems around you. Virgo is the sixth sin in the zodiac system and is ruled by planet Mercury. Virgo’s are intelligent, diplomatic and reliable.

This year family will need special attention because it may be very sensitive issue to handle There will be lot of social events that Virgo people will meet up with.

Jupiter the planet of expansion and luck is still in cancer your 11th house and will move to Leo that is your 12th house. Jupiter in 11th house pamper friends/associations/professionals/clubs/networking and science. Jupiter in cancer will bless these areas of life that will lead to wonderful lofty moments.

Finance sector will be stronger on the latter part of year 2014. But you should choose safe investment in compare to high business risk this year. Love life will be calm, happy but check point should be kept an eye till June 2014. If you are single you may find the love of your life that will culminate in marriage. Care should be taken while handling relationship.

Career front will be good this year. You will perform well in job front.

Business: Business plans are not favorable for you in this year. Month of May and July will be stressful for your business plans. But as you have wide knowledge in business, you may overcome the difficult situation with ease. There can be some loss in finance.

Finance: Safe investment should be chosen instead of high business and high risk. You can pamper yourself by buying some accessories of your choice but you should remember to save your money also. Large amount of cash should be avoided to store in cash box as it may lead to an excess expenditure. Try to avoid financial ratios with male friends / neighbors.

Career: Further studies may interest you. You may lead to team leader position due to your remarkable skills in management. There can be a change of job for some Virgo as monotony will prevail. There can be some issues in workplace in July 2014 due to some misunderstanding. People working in technical field will experience a gala time this year.

Virgo Career Horoscope 2014 indicates that you will receive a very worthy amount for your work and will be high paid due to your excellent performance.

Romance: Love will have plenty of surprise in the month of May and June. But there should be caution while behaving with your partner. You and your partner will reach a level that will work wonder for both of you. Second thought should be given for beginning new relation.

Virgo Love Horoscope 2014 indicates that passion in love will increase from August 2014.Both of the partner will enjoy quality good time together.

Health: You will experience regularly good health. But you need to focus on regular exercise regime. Small ailments might trouble you often this year and area to be given prevention is nerve/abdomen/lungs/ throat and teeth. Reasonable diet and sleep is essential.

Virgo Health Horoscope 2014 indicates that you should participate in sports and social activities to maintain well being

Relationship: you may make decisions between your parents and your relation. Balance in work and personal life may drop in beginning of this Year. Family will be very supportive and you will enjoy happiness in home front. In the month of June 014 there can be new business trip and will lead to start of a very charming new relation.

Education: Education will face problem this year. There will be delay in all undertakings of education. Students of any stream will lack concentration and will feel the dearth to focus.

Lucky stone- Emerald/ Zircon

Lucky Color- Yellow / White/ Green.

Lucky Day-Tuesday/Wednesday/ Friday/Monday

Lucky Numbers-2/3/5/6/7

Compatible Zodiac sign- Taurus/ Capricorn

Incompatible Zodiac sign- Gemini / Sagittarius / Pisces.



Yearly Libra Horoscope 2014 is indicating a mixed period for Libra men and women. There are big changes that indicate for years 2014.Libras are ruled by planet Venus which bestow Libras with love and harmony. Personal relationship may come to strain in this upcoming year.

Family and friends may experience deep transformation in 2014.There may be difficult choices to be made in family front.

Career will be rewarding for Libra this year. Promotion, higher pay and foreign trip is twinkling in career house of Libras.

As Jupiter the planet of expansion is in cancer and your 10th house till 16th July and will move to 11th house that is of Leo. Jupiter 10th house indicates leadership/aspirations/public reputation and climbing the ladder of success.

Finance will be stable due to advanced planning made in the previous year. Perfect balance between profit and loss will be maintained this year.

Love and relationship matter will be highly unstable during this period. You may be inclined to an affair even if you are married. There is a very high chance indicating the end of a relationship. New friends will be in bucket of you and social life will leave you with a charged feeling.

Business: Increase in personal income is indicating in latter part of the year. Mid of the year will show some positive signs in your business. Large amount of money can make you cherish and investment in the business will give you big profit at the end of the year. You should be careful in exchanging business plan with your partner.

Finance: Advance planning to deal with the money will give huge profit to this sign. Saving will be good this year. Expenditure should be controlled as it may lead to hole in your pocket. Libras are born traders and know very well how to get things done. Expensive taste may lavish you in latter part of year as you are inclined towards music/theatre and paintings.

Career: You are going to reap the reward of your hard work this year and career is going to bloom this year. If you are in engineering or technical field then chances for success are very high. New opportunities will knock in the month of May and June 2014.

Libra Career Horoscope 2014 indicates that you should be patient and wait for the opportunities to come by.

Romance: In the beginning of the year situation may be strained with your lover. The romantic actions will surprise you and will generate happiness. You may be solely indulged in a romance if you are married. If in a relationship it will end and you will meet your soul mate. In the month of July and August there will be increase attraction and you may fall in love. Balance should be practiced to save relation.

Libra Love Horoscope 2014 indicates that love relation should be build consciously as challenges are there for both of you.

Health: This year you may suffer from nerves and intestinal disorder so regular checkup is essential. Junk food shouldn’t be eaten. The changes in the home life will cause stresses that will imbalance your health. Backache/headache pains in genital organs are foreseen here.

Libra Health Horoscope 2014 indicates that you will have abundant source of energy this year and you will be indulged in sports activity. You will be alert regarding your health.

Relationship: In the first some first month you may have an opportunity to meet your friends and parties in rumble. May and June 2014 are indicating great time with the family members. Some unexpected events are there due to more socializing with friends.

Education: Students will lack concentration and situation will increase after November 2014.Family and personal life conflict will lead to less focus and failures. Cool head should be maintained and negative thoughts should be removed.

Lucky stone-Opal

Lucky Color- White, Orange, Red.

Lucky Day-Sunday /Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday.

Lucky Numbers-1, 2, 4, 7

Compatible Zodiac sign- Gemini/Aquarius

Incompatible Zodiac sign- Aries/cancer/Capricorn


Year 2014 for Scorpio represents first part a test for you and second more positive. You are inclined to fulfill your professional goals which will lead to promotion and increment. Scorpions are people you shouldn’t make enemies with. Scorpions are tactful, loyal and independent human beings.

Year 2014 will give good time to spend with your family members. Year will start with a good note concerning family matters. New member may knock your family nest.

Jupiter the planet of expansion/growth and luck will bless you after June 2014. All your endeavors will start to shine and you will be at stable.

Career will touch new heights .All your hard work will be recognized this year. Your creativity will increase to high level and you will jump with joy as appreciation will hold your hand this year.

Romance will shudder in second part of the year as first half denotes differences between two of you. So patience should be carry along with your daily routine.

Finance is indicating an average move this year. You have to control your expenses in order to save. Second half of the year is denoting profits in business concerned with trade. You can inherit property from family front.

Young women will be more concerned to improve financial/personal and professional situation that can lead to moving to new home or to new city. Wedding invitation will rejoice scorpions this year as it will lead to socialize and meet new people.

Business: Business for Scorpion’s is showing a positive ray of light this year, Business that was unfinished in the previous year can be finished this year. It will give profit in the long run. There is a possibility that you there can be a business contract with high profit that will come your way but you will have to think twice to agree on any new venture.

Finance: You should make a plan in the beginning of the year to spend your finance as unexpected expense may be cause of stress for you. July will be a rainy time for you and you will have to deal with the finance in this month so make a proper plan to win over the situation. Sudden legacies in the last quarter of 2014 can come from any distant relative. There will be nominal growth this year.

Career: Your creativity will be recognized and you will win over Difficulty can stuck you so be prepared to believe in yourself. Some foreign business tours are high on the cards .Haste should be kept far away as it can lead to waste in your efforts. Patience should be kept on top so that it can save you from unprecedented decision regarding job change.

Scorpio Career Horoscope 2014 indicates that your career will be good this year and you will have to decide in the tight timeline regarding your career.

Romance: The second part of the year is more promising than the first part. You will experience fertility from the month of August 2014.There is a very high possibility to have defamation and anguish in your life. You should stick with current love. This year wants commitment towards your partner.

Scorpio Love Horoscope 2014 indicates that you should balance between your real life and illusion. You have to change yourself to have your love back. If you are in love you will be surprised by the rapid development. If you are single you should expose your feeling.

Health: This year you have to be more careful regarding your health. Some of you may have to pass by extreme condition of piles. In middle of the year you may encounter some critical issue with your health. You have to maintain proper hygiene at your workplace. Proper fitness routine should be followed to be healthy.

Scorpio Health Horoscope 2014 indicates that disease related to kidney and heart may trouble you. Travelling can help you to break monotony.

Relationship: This year your social life will be enhanced. You will have to express your thoughts and emotions as other may not show it to you. You should open your mind to build new relationship this year. Frequent travel will move you away from family that will lead to misunderstanding.

Education: Students can go abroad for higher studies. Result of hard work will be delayed. You will have to very careful while choosing your company. Friends might betray you.

Lucky stone- Coral

Lucky Color- Burgundy

Lucky Day-Tuesday

Lucky Numbers-4/9

Compatible Zodiac sign- Cancer/Pisces

Incompatible Zodiac sign- Taurus/Leo


A mixed year for Sagittarius coming ahead.2014 will be important in terms of physical and financial health. This year brings personal gathering with your old friends/ relatives and colleagues from far and near distance.

Strong emotions and aggressiveness should be avoided while travelling as it may lead to an unpleasant situation. There can be money loss on health in the middle of the year.

Jupiter the planet of expansion and luck is in cancer your 8th house till 16th July and will move to your 9th house Leo after 16th July. In cancer Jupiter becomes far nurturing and it denotes mother/safety/childhood and home. Jupiter in your 8th house indicates trust/sharing/intimacy /sharing and joint support.

Career will swing high with the job related to teaching and research You will gain from the effort of your previous year. You will receive appreciation for your work by supervisor and colleague. Presenting detail report in work will help you to get upper edge in the career front.

In love front you should be careful to take any relation ahead. If you are single there is a clarity that you may find your potential partner.

Family front will experience joy. You will experience support in whatever you do from your family member. You will meet new friends and frequent travel is in your card. Your life and personal relationship will be more stable.

Business: This year indicates that you can start new business but you need to learn more regarding management and investment. In the month of June 2014 you may sign big business contract. You should be careful while taking any investment decision. Difficulty can arise at the start of the business but it will stray away by the end of this year.

Finance: Carelessness towards health will lead to lot of finance expense rooting ahead this year so advance medical insurance will give you a sigh of relief. You may gain from ancestral property. In the first part of the year you may encounter financial slowdown

Career: your hard work will get appreciation. There are good chances for abroad travels also. Job related to law and business management will give good profit for you If you are planning to quit job you should wait as opportunity will arise in the month of April and July 2014.From September it is good to consolidate your position.

Sagittarius Career Horoscope 2014 implies that this year is a good time to explore financial opportunity as it will give you more benefit.

Romance: In love you may come to realize the true value of an existing relationship. You will experience ups and downs in the love life this year. If you are still single there is a possibility that some may want to date with you. You may have to spend more time to understand your partner.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2014 indicates that this is the best time to warm up your married life. You have to remove your mask when your partner will admire you.

Health: This year you will find new energy from inside that will help you to succeed in your plans. March /April and may requires more time to pamper your health as hectic schedule can make you dull. You will experience god vitality and plenty of energy. Just take care while playing sports as it can break your bones.

Sagittarius Health Horoscope 2014 indicates that you will enjoy good health during year 2014.But you should be careful regarding your back.

Relationship: Your personal relationship and your life will be more stable during this period. Too much information should be avoided to share on social network. In April legal issue will arise that can be overcome with the strong support of your friends. There can be trust issue within the family and you should be aware as emotional insecurity may creep up.

Education: This is a very good year for students Students will excel in all fields Field of technology/innovation and research will do very well. There are chances for abroad travelling for higher education.

Lucky stone-yellow sapphire/Emerald

Lucky Color- White, Orange, Green

Lucky Day-Wednesday/Friday/Thursday/Sunday

Lucky Numbers-6/5/9

Compatible Zodiac sign- Aries/Leo

Incompatible Zodiac sign- Gemini/Virgo/Pisces


Capricorns can expect most volatile and dramatic year ahead. There will a potential and major love changes in the year 2014.You will be extremely energetic and support of the family member will give you smoothing feeling. Capricorns are clear minded, intellectual and this quality make them good leaders. But they have a negative character also that makes them pessimistic and indecisive.

Career matter will be highly recognized this year and you will be extremely busy lot of networking will make you as “No play and only work makes jack a dull boy.”

Jupiter the planet of luck and growth expands whatever he touches. Jupiter is still in cancer your 7th house until July 16 when he will moves to Leo. In cancer Jupiter becomes far more nurturing as cancer denotes home /childhood/mother/security and safety. Jupiter will be in your 7th house of marriage, business, partners, rivals, enemies and competitors. With cancer involved in your sign your residential and family oriented partners are remarkably blessed.

Finance will be on first position in the coming year and you may get an opportunity to increase your property. This could be a year when you inherit money or can win money.

Romance can be at stake as you will spend maximum time on travelling but latter part of the year will bring pond full of romantic candle light dinners.

You will relax and enjoy with your family, but this year also warns you to be cautious against the security of your family.

Business: If you are trying to start a private business plan September is the best month to go with it. There can be small project which will need your contribution and you can win a snow ball by good profit in the project. You should save your money for future investment plan.

Finance: your money flow which was at statue in 2013 will suddenly gain momentum. in 2014 Some profit based investment opportunities will come your way but make sure to research before putting your legs as high loss of money can be there due to overconfidence. You will make excellent investment this year that will give dividend in coming years.

Career: You will reinvent your life this year and will look into new horizons in the wok place. Work matters are quite strong this year. Your leadership qualities will shine through. A challenge can be encountered so relaxing attitude is required. Positive attitude should be maintained. Your deep knowledge will help to solve all problems and you will shine at your workplace.

Capricorn Career Horoscope 2014 indicates that you should try to avoid stress and sadness as this year is a good year for your career to blossom. Some task can be left pending but though they will give positive signal.

Romance: Your romance can change completely in the year 2014.Under the influence of constellation you will experience the romance of your love. There could be an easy partner or even departure of old one can take place. There is no chance to meet your new love in the first part of the year, but if encounter happens there are most chances of marriages to take place.

Capricorn Love Horoscope 2014 indicates that with sincerity and sympathy you can get best result in love. You need to balance between passion and love. If you are single you can find the love of your life in the month of July 2014.

Health: In 2014 health looks very good apart. Your biggest challenge will be to find a nap because you will be like a wheel having no control. Minor digestive error can lie underneath so it should be kept in care. Skin allergy is foreseen here.

Capricorn Health Horoscope 2014 indicates that you should pay more attention to your diet and a doctor should be consulted for any minor situation also.

Relationship: In this year you will receive much good news from your friends and families. Your social relationship will grow from the middle of the year. You should make a point to balance your personal and professional life. Your patience and commitment is required for your family.

Education: Those who are in technical and management line will reap benefit. This year is not much in store so students need to work very hard to get exceptional result.

Lucky stone-Garnet

Lucky Color- white/black/red/blue

Lucky Day-Tuesday/Saturday/Wednesday

Lucky Numbers-6/9/8

Compatible Zodiac sign- Taurus/Virgo

Incompatible Zodiac sign-Aries/cancer/Libra


Aquarius had a coming positive year ahead. You will embrace and enjoy your romantic moments this year. Aquarius are smart /intelligent and have bunch of words that are magically and impressive. Your excellent communication skill will make make a great deal to convince people.

Jupiter the planet of expansion and luck is in your 6th house cancer till 16th July and will enter Leo i.e. your 7th house. Jupiter in 6th house denotes coworkers/productivity/physical fitness. You need to be mindful of the physical energy that Jupiter will bestow you till July 16th.

Career will need hard work for Aquarians to reap reward. Aquarians are going to be highly competitive in the coming year. You will find new direction for work.

Finance indicates that first part of the year should be carefully planned for finance. Specific spending plan should be thought of to avoid excess spending.

Love and romance will come to surprise this year. Feelings can be boldly expressed this year. Relation will strengthen and there will be very good bonding.

Business: you should not get involved in any major business plan this year unless you are confident about it. It is advisable to take opinion of experienced people before starting any new venture. You will gain profit from unexpected source.

Finance: Unfavorable planetary movement in the month of October and November can be risky in the financial stream. First part of the year needs correct financial planning. In the second half of the year your finance will show better gains. There are chances of buying property and investment will prove beneficial. Your effort and hard work will bring benefit for you.

Career: You will be rewarded for your hard work by higher pay or incentive. This year will bring more opportunities in personal life and work. An incentive tour is foreseen for Aquarius. Work will be quite busy and you may be fussy and impersonal.

Aquarius Career Horoscope 2014 indicates that you can discover strength in your writing and creative work. For those who work to intend abroad may get a support.

Romance: Your love relationship will be good whole year. Love will knock at your door in many surprises. Married ones may encounter misunderstanding in the month of June 2014. If you are single you will meet attractive and highly compatible people that will touch your heart. You will express your innermost needs.

Aquarius Love Horoscope 2014 indicates that you have to spend more time in nurturing your relationship and romantic dating will be like support for building strong emotional bonds.

Health: You should pay more attention to your health by adding rich food and exercise. In June and July job pressure may cause fatigue that can lead to frequent headache. Cold and chills can take longer periods to get completely cure. Working over long hours may cause undue stress.

Aquarius Health Horoscope 2014 indicates that sensitive body parts should be taken god care .people with cardiovascular problem should have regular checkups.

Relationship: Aquarians are good thinker and funny in their own surrounding. This year you will have great time with family and friends. If you encounter any problem than family will be a great support for you. In August you may have short trip with your family members.

Education: Good result in studies will be there and concentration will be improved. Student of law /religion and philosophy will do well. Success in competitive exam is foreseen after June 2014.

Lucky stone-Amethyst

Lucky Color- Yellow/Red

Lucky Day-Tuesday/Saturday/Wednesday

Lucky Numbers-3/9/2

Compatible Zodiac sign- Gemini/Libra

Incompatible Zodiac sign-Scorpio/cancer/Sagittarius


You will concentrate in love life and career perspective. People belonging to Pisces are emotional/sympathetic/and sensitive. Pisceans are very supportive and simple in their attitude. You will enjoy very social time and will enjoy creativity with children.

Jupiter the planet of expansion is in cancer i.e. you 5th house till July 16th and will move to Leo your 6th house after July .Jupiter in your fifth house indicates personal romance/pleasure/luxuries /children / creativity.

Career front will bring joy for you this year. You could work hard to meet your deadline. You can experience pressure from senior colleague to perform but you will pass easily from the undue stress.

Financial sector will be better .you will manage money better than ever before. You are a generous person but you will spend wisely in the year 2014.

Romance and love life will provide lot of harmony and passion in your love life that will please you. If you are married and have children they will be a source of great happiness for you. You will have a feel good factor that will continue for whole year.

Business: You will reap the benefit of long term planning and investment. Year 2014 is a good time to make your own private business.

Finance: Financially Pisces will have no loss and no gain period this year. Planning a regular budget will bring lot of relief to this people. Investing in some fund will prove advantageous in coming year ahead. You will manage money better than ever before. and you will feel good about your finances. You can give good advice to the youngster regarding finance.

Career: You can find yourself to get through your career .You will have to struggle to meet the deadline. Your effort and persistence will lead you to achieve your goal. You will have more energy to focus on your work and will get the expected result. If you are looking for a job February and June is the best month to be

Pisces Career Horoscope 2014 indicates that March can bring some issues at work place and it has to be tackled with patience.

Romance: Romance will become indispensable part of your life. If you are single you can get a romantic encounter so you should not shy too much .You should express your feeling to the loved one with ease and confidence. Be guided by Capricorn friend that will give you good advice.

July and October are two lovely month for you in which you can even enjoy short romantic and pleasant trip.

Pisces Love Horoscope 2014 advises that you should not worry too much regarding differences in your married life. as with compatibility it will be resolved soon.

Health: You will feel energetic this year. This is a good year for you to sit and relax. Body ache can trouble you so ma doctor should be consulted to get relief. Alcohol will be discarded by you and you will feel its benefit. You will take better care of yourself.

Pisces Health Horoscope 2014 indicates that you will enjoy good health this year.

Relationship: you may encounter family trouble in the first month of the year. You will have better connection with society this year. A contradiction from outside may take place so emotions should be balanced to discard it. By the month of April you will have to analyze the entire problem in a perfect way band you may get lot of support from your friends.

Education: Students will face delays in every aspect in this year. Many of you will face disappointments in competitive examination this year. Concentration will decrease in studies and health issue will create setbacks in education.

Lucky stone –cat’s eye /yellow sapphire

Lucky Color-Red/yellow

Lucky Day-Thursday/Sunday

Lucky Numbers-1/4/3

Compatible Zodiac sign-Taurus/cancer

Incompatible Zodiac sign- Aries/ Leo.









Author: Astrologer Parshant Kapoor

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