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Medical Astrology|Female Infertility | Ayurvedic Treatment


Female Infertility happens due to various causes. Female Infertility treatment in Ayurveda involves very extensive and complete examination of the cause that has caused a female to be infertile. Female Infertility treatment in Ayurveda defines under mentioned cause and their treatment.
Ayurvedic Treatment for Ovulation Disorder in Delhi
Ovulation disorder involves the inability or the absence of correct release of egg at the right time of ovulation. Ovulation disorder can also result in infrequent periods (oligomenorrhea). There are various Ayurvedic herbs that can cure this condition.
Ayurvedic Treatment- Kumari / Musli / shivlinga / Giloya / Ashwagandha / Shatavari.
Ayurvedic Treatment for Uterine Fibroid in Delhi
A uterine fibroid is a tumor that grows from muscle tissue. Sometimes uterine abnormalities are present by birth that can lead to infertility.There are no exact cause for uterine fibroid but estrogen hormone plays a role in this complication. Its symptom includes heavy and painful periods, disrupted urination and intense pain in pelvic region.
Ayurvedic Treatment-There are various Ayurvedic herbs that play an important role to treat uterine fibroid. Kamadudha rasam/ Rasanjan / Prawal panchamrit are the preparations that can help to cure uterine fibroid.
Ayurvedic Treatment for Blocked fallopian tubule in Delhi
Fertilization takes place in the fallopian tubule. The sperm wait in the fallopian tube for the egg for fertilization But if the tubule is blocked then there is no way that sperm is fertilized There are two fallopian tubes coming from each ovary. It is possible that one or more may become blocked.
Ayurvedic Treatment- Kachnaar /Gugulu /Kultham and Katphal are the best remedies provided for the treatment of blocked fallopian tubule.
Ayurvedic Treatment for Polycystic Ovarian Disorder in Delhi
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a very common disorder that is the major cause of Infertility. In this condition many follicles with egg form but doesn’t mature. This happens because testis produce excessive amount of testosterone and androstenedione (male hormones).The visible symptom of POD is irregular menstrual cycle, excessive hair on body and acne.
Ayurvedic Treatment- Ayurvedic treatment gives excellent result in patients of POD.Guggulu/ Varanam/ Vijayasar / kumari / jambawasaavam /.Kumaryaasawam and Gurmar are very effective to treat this condition.
Ayurvedic Treatment for Endometriosis in Delhi
Endometriosis is a condition in which endometrial (lining of the uterus) starts to grow outside the uterus and causes adhesions These adhesions leads obstruction of organs and causes some organs to stick together. The signs of Endometriosis are intense pelvic pain. Pain can also be experienced during bowel movement, urination and during sexual intercourse.
Ayurvedic Treatment- Chandan/ lakshaa/ Rasanjaan / Bilwa / Agnimath / Gokshuram / shalparni /Prishnaparni / Shayonakam are the herbal remedies that are very effective in treating the conditions related to endometrial problems.
Along with the above medicines Ayurveda Panchkarma therapies are also very effective to remove all the above mentioned reasons of Infertility.
We at research the major cause of problems underlying Infertility and provides appropriate Ayurvedic Treatment for Infertility in Female.

Author: Astrologer Parshant Kapoor

Astrologer Parshant Kapoor is a world renowned astrologer practicing this divine science since decades, astrologer Parshant Kapoor is one of the best and famous astrologer and currently practicing astrology in Delhi NCR. Asrologer Parshant Kapoor has the benefit of learning and practicing astrology under the ingenious guidance of his father Astrologer Vipin Kapoor who is in the series of top best astrologers in India as Medical Astologer/Vedic Jyotishi. Astrologer Parshant Kapoor is best know as he has specialized in Medical Astrology, Vedic Jyotish, Corporate Astrology, Prasna Kundli, Vastu, Feng Shui also predicts on the major events of one’s life including Health, wealth, Peace, Prosperity, Career/Business/Job, Chronicle diseases, Psychological disorders, Financial prospects, Marriage/Love life/Romance/Divorce, Match Making/Compatibility, Education, Litigation, Property, House/Vehicle/Assets Purchase, Foreign Travel, Conceiving Child, Longevity, Fertility/Impotency Cure & Treatment. Astrologer Parshant Kapoor has 21 years of experience in Astrology/Medical Astrology/Vedic Jyotish and very importantly provides guaranteed solution for azoospermia/infertility/Impotency Cure & Treatment with the help of Medical Astrology/Vedic Jyotish. There are various azoospermia/infertility/Impotency cases which Mr. Parshant Kapoor has successfully solved which were not curable by medical science. Astrologer Parshant Kapoor is known and famous worldwide as a medical astrologer. He has clientele from various parts of the world. Parshant Kapoor provides astrological services to the people belonging to different sectors and different stages of life including Students, Professionals, Film stars, Industrialist, Politicians. He has given his invaluable guidance to a few Politicians. As a corporate astrologer he is constantly giving solutions to people belonging to /IT’s/Real Estate/Film Industry/Show Business, Fashion & Hotel Industry and thus guiding them the right path for their growth. Astrologer Parshant Kapoor, have predicted more than 68000 horoscopes/natal chart and creates a database of all the horoscopes/natal charts. The details of horoscope/natal charts he archives as case studies, especially the cases of people who were suffering through chronicle diseases and azoospermia/Fertility/Impotency problems which were not curable by medical science, however using remedies given by him, people could get rid of their chronic diseases and childless couple became parents. Astrologer Parshant Kapoor, is also operating from Mumbai and Chicago and has a permanent residence in Vasundhara Enclave (New Delhi) near Sector 7 Noida. He is practicing astrology from Vasundhara Enclave/Noida, New Delhi since four years and providing professional training for astrology. Being a Software professional, Parshant Kapoor’s techniques of prediction is entirely different from other Astrologers, it is more align to scientific calculations. He calculates the degrees of the Planets that affect one’s Horoscope. He calculates the maturity of the degrees of the Planets, especially to find if these in the stage of early years. His approach is completely scientific and hence his predictions are very reasonable and logical. Technique he has developed for predictions are based on essence of Vedic Astrology, which is the core of Indian astrology. Though he has a group of students but he is very often called for providing training to the professional astrologers. You can also connected with Astrologer: Parshant Kapoor on following public portals: Linkedin: Facebook: Twitter: Google Plus: Skype: parshantkapoor Consulation Feee: 50 USD - 30 Minutes 100 USD - One Hour

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