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Ruby Aura Crystal

ruby aura

Ruby aura

Ruby Aura is a quartz which is treated permanently, with gold and platinum to the quartz crystal. It is a stone of passion and vitality. It is protective in times of upheaval and turmoil and against aggression and turmoil. Ruby aura is also formed from the quartz and platinum, but produces a much deeper color. Ruby Aura cleanses the base chakra* of old survival issues and abuse. It brings passion and Vitality and activates wisdom of the heart. Spiritually, it uplifts the spiritual world. This is a protective crystal against aggression and violence. In healing, Ruby Aura benefits the endocrine system and is a natural antibiotic for fungal infections and parasites.

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Pisces June 2014 Horoscope




Pisces will be happy, as hard work will pay you off in June 2014. It might have taken some hard steps to pay off, but now time is completely in your favor. If you are in a relationship, you will enter into a period of romance and adventure. Any procedure, which you take on this month, will require finish attention. But deal with the top, high quality of your attention and not the quantity. Venus transit in third house will encourage sharing thoughts and opening hearts. You will appreciate the end-result of your effort.

Relationship and love life will be smooth going as you will get close to the person easily beside you. It is the time of expressing emotions, feelings and sentimental discussions. Romantic messages and love declarations is predicted this month. You will have sweet words, and you will find the right way to speak romantically. Diplomacy, have to be practiced because retrograde rulers of the Pisces house of a couple can bring some unwanted situation.
For Pisces, it is a good period to re-evaluate the domestic and erotic life.

Career and Finance Pisces thought will gravitate around the personal life rather than around the career. In June 2014, you will prefer privacy, with home, with nature and with closer contacts. Intellectual preoccupation, trips and collaborations are foreseen. There will be some eye catching value purchase in June 2014. Advantages are less hopeful, but you have to be serious regarding your finance. Try to avoid any big purchase in this month.

Health There is no health problem foreseen for people of Pisces in this month. You will be in a optimistic and cheerful mood. You will need peace and harmony. You will relax by reading and long walks.

Advice Remember that negotiation is the key to your success.

Lucky Stone- Yellow Sapphire
Lucky Color- Ash/Blue
Lucky Days- Monday/Tuesday/Thursday
Lucky No-2/9/12

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Aquarius June 2014 Horoscope




Aquarius will jump with joy as hard work will pay you off in June 2014. There may be some past hurdles, but now it will pay you in a huge bucket. If you are in a relationship, you will enter a new period of romance and adventure. Socialization and new events will make you full of joy and passion. There will be events which will be frustrating for you, as you are not prepared for the event. Unfortunately, we are not always prepared for the surprises that we get. Remain calm, think before you speak. The Sun will be in Aquarius house of love and pleasure during the first two decanate of this month. Time of romantic flirts is forecasted.

Relationship will, love will be stable. Handle any family problem with care and caution. Try to solve the problem, and don’t make it adverse. In your love life, don’t hesitate to expose who you are. Your relationship will be highly effective in this month with your affiliate. You will try new experiments and novelty in your love life. The most romantic part of Aquarius love life will be in the last part of June 2014.

Career and Finance will go very well. During this month, you will have great talent to express your creativity and skills. You will also benefit from good physical health, which will help you to perform well in your work. If you are in the area of the game and entertainment, then June 2014 will work best for you. But difficulties in communication, intellectual work, representation is seen, but you will solicit it and will come out with great surprises. Real estate, home and properties will be favored in June 2014.
Finance pressure will be quite high for Aquarius in this month. If you are thinking of huge investment, then June is the month to leave for it.

Health You will have lots of energy, but this doesn’t indicate good health. Try to do your work in an order, avoid stress. Don’t hurry and be careful while driving

Advice Go for socialization and invite your friends and relatives.

Lucky Stone- White Sapphire
Lucky Color- White/Blue
Lucky Days- Tuesday/Saturday
Lucky No- 2/10/11

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Caporicorn June 2014 Horoscope



Capricorn will experience less distress, as there might be disturbing news from work place, but always think before you speak. You have to be calm, and think again and again and then take appropriate action. Avoid confrontations and misunderstanding both at professional and personal work place. Towards the end of June 2014, you will have more energy and will focus on interest rather than work. Under the warm shade of Venus, Capricorn life will blossom with love and passion. In June 2014, your heart will be more tender and full of passion and sensuality.

Relationship and love will bloom this month. If you are single, then June is an outstanding month to concentrate on because there are people who will come in between you and your affiliate. So, you have to be very careful in your relation. You will seduce without efforts, you will find proposals more attractive now. The universe will try to bring your love in your life. There will be cheerfulness, playfulness and creativity, which will be needed to fulfill your heart’s desire.

Career and Finance will be good in this month. June 2014 will be a very active month, with significant progress. You will have more autonomy, and you will use your personal skills to enhance your professional area. The last part of this month is dedicated to collaborations and partnership. Current performance depends upon performance, interests and skills.
Financially, you are not going to see a windfall this month. Invest what you need, but don’t invest too much in excess. Don’t allow other people to come in your perspective. Keep a history of what you are investing and check it out regularly.

Health Health is to be maintained this month. Routine check is essential to be in good shape. Mercury, the ruler of Capricorn house of health will be retrograde, so avoid any excesses and risk. Go for safe options, and avoid any self

Advice Try to harmonize the relation between work and family.

Lucky Stone- Orange Sapphire
Lucky Color-Orange/White
Lucky Day-Friday
Lucky No- 2/4


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Sagittarius June 2014 Horoscope




Sagittarius will have a strong passion to work in June 2014, and it is important for you to remain professional. You will complete your special assignment on the correct hour as indicated. People will be more passionate towards you, and you will feel the delight of this change. But be aware not to believe everyone. You will be filled with outstanding energy this month, so utilize it with fun and care as much as you can. You will have excellent leadership this month, and June 2014 is an excellent month to expand your horizons. The passing of the sun in house of the couple will fill this area with energy and a spotlight. In June 2014, your partner will become the most important thing in the universe.

Relationship and love life will be full of charm and sensuality, as the Sun will be in the house of the couple. This is the month for you to make a choice. Don’t hitch with the person, who doesn’t care for you. Let that person go from your life. Single or mixed, June 2014 is going to be an important month in your life.
Work and money will be seriously involved, either influencing the relationship or being influenced by it. Things will turn bothering after June 7th, 2014, as Mercury, the ruler of Sagittarius house of the couple will start the retrograde movement. Older problem will be in discussion again, so try to avoid confrontations and be optimistic.

Career and Finance Career for Sagittarius in June 2014 is indicating towards cooperation. Career and work demands, partnership, cooperation, collaborations, mutual help, friendship and mutual support. There might be new contracts this month, which will be related towards the public or groups, and depends upon the situations.
But, rivalry and competition are foreseen. So if you want to be successful avoid tension and do fruitful conversation.
Financially, this is going to be an outstanding month for you, but it doesn’t mean that you will be spendthrift. Try to make proper rules for financial expenditure.

Health– With Venus in Sagittarius house of health, in June 2014 there will be higher interest in beauty care, body care and pampering of your health. But opposition from Saturn may lead to kidney, skin, ovaries and blood related problem.

Advice– Drink lots of water, eat fresh fruit

Lucky Stone- Yellow Sapphire
Lucky Color- Orange/Yellow
Lucky Days- Monday/Thursday
Lucky No-3/6/12


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Scorpio June 2014 Horoscope



Scorpio will have some new projects to finish this month. You will see the beginning of a new level of life in this month. There will be issues, which will require several months to even several years to finish it. Travel is foreseen, both in your personal and professional life. You are thinking of organizing a big event this month, but do your homework before. Be very careful regarding your money, as you will feel like splashing out during this month.

Relationship and Love life will be stable. No problem, if you are in a relationship. June 2014 is going to be a stormy one for. This could be outstanding or bad depending upon how you look at it. It will be a period in which you will show some special care to the couple. The need to interact and share will be stronger than ever. The thirst of love will be very big, and you will want proof of affection and gestures.
If you are single, you will try to build new relationships. You will be more benevolence and tolerance, and will even make good compromises for the smooth going of the things.

Career and Finance- Your competitive capacity is going to be better this summer, than it was in the month of May. You won’t need to work hard for your achievement. Just concentrate on your work and your future professional plans. It is a month of analysis and introspection. The period will favor an investigation, tackling of the unknown event and scanning of  in the depths. The Mars-Uranus conjunction can bring moments of crisis for Scorpio’s.
Scorpio’s finance will be highly underlined this month. It’s possible that you will make an investment, will purchase something new. But think twice before investing as retrograde Mercury may play tricks on you.

Health-The Mars-Uranus opposition doesn’t look good for you. It can bring problem unexpectedly, which can be of a violent nature. There is a danger of accidents, especially burns, cuts, strains.

Advice– Get in touch again with someone, who is from far away

Lucky Stone- Diamond
Lucky Color- White/Green
Lucky Day- Tuesday/Thursday/Friday
Lucky No-3/6/9

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Libra June 2014 Horoscope



Libra will enjoy lots of freedom this month and you can use this to concentrate on yourself and perform some regenerative works. There can be some legal issues, which can knock at the end of this month. You may feel lonely, but you will overcome this loneliness. Try to seek new alliances and friendship and rekindle old friendship, as it can help you to fulfill your old projects and dreams. Libra’s couple’s life will not be so clear and smooth. Some clarification can occur, but it will be smooth. The period is not excellent for analyzing any couple problems

Relationship and Love life need precaution as Mars the ruler of Libra house of couples will have two confrontations. It will be with Pluto in the first decanate of June 2014 and with Uranus in the second part of June 2014. Till June 23rd, 2014, Venus the planet of love will not be in a good mood, so extreme precaution has to be taken in your relationship corner. This period is not excellent for analyzing couple hurdles and problems.
If you are in a new relationship, care has to be practiced in further decision should be maintained with positivity. Though love is there, retrograde mars can bring negative feelings. The couple should try to avoid any further start.

Career and Finance– You see some growth, while performing this month. You must try to avoid any confrontation and try to avoid complicated path. You will have better achievements, but still you have to weigh your decisions carefully, as Mars will be retrograde in the second decanate of June 2014 and your decision need to be reevaluated and revised.
Financially, your cost effective situation is going to be enhanced this month. But you have to be very careful while spending. Too many expenses can lead to scarce finance and empty pockets. So reevaluate your expense this month.

Health– Venus Libra’s ruler’s house will be in a weak position this month till June 23rd. There can be low vitality, risk of complications and relapse of old diseases. You have to be calm this month, try to avoid any complications and stress in both your professional and personal life.

Advice- Try to prioritize your work

Lucky Stone- Yellow sapphire
Lucky Color- White/Light Yellow
Lucky Day- Wednesday/Friday
Lucky No-2/6

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Virgo June 2014 Horoscope



Virgo in the month of June may experience some hardship, but still success will be in your court. Believe in things and assignments that you have planned for the future. Your confidence and positive behavior will make you highly successful in all your future plans. You will meet new people in June 2014, completely different from your circles. They will offer new perspective for you. Investment made in the past, will bring good scope for you. This is a very good month for promotion and new opportunity in your professional life. You’ll be drawn to a remote place. You will have a sentimental travel trip with your partner and will feel the thrills of love for someone thousands of miles away.

Relationship and love life will have a positive bash this month. Those who are in relation will enjoy with their affiliate. Your relationship will be continuous and your affiliate will be sincere. If you are single, then this month is not the best opportunity to get one. You may meet someone, and this will be a long term relationship. But due to enough pressure this month, don’t mix up professional and personal life.
In June 2014, you will look for a person who will stand by your side. You will need a person with whom you can share your thoughts, visions, projects and impression.

Career and Finance- The sun will turn its light on Virgo’s house of career; will promise your success and fulfillment. You will succeed in all your future plans. The resources will be in your hand, throughout June 2014, so try to invest it properly. You will be favored by socialization and group actions. You will be supported in time of crisis, in your professional field. In June 2014, you will be busy in specialization and research
In your financial front, don’t spend too much in unnecessary things. Try to avoid spending on items, food, and any other accessories

Health– The probability of any health problem will be low. But, there can be little restless or lack of concentration due to retrograde mercury. In the last part of the decanate, avoid stress and exhaustion.

Advice- Get in touch with your old friend

Lucky Stone- Zambian Emerald/Diamond
Lucky day-Thursday/Friday
Lucky color-
Lucky No-1, 3, 6


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Leo June 2014 Horoscope



Leo’s have experienced a good season so far, this month is also going to be continued in the same manner with positive and successful in all your endeavors. But during June 2-13 take a look at your home life and take some reasonable decisions. Any younger member of the family need will need support and help from you now. You will be in a center of attraction in your love life, but be careful regarding your family matters. The second week of June 2014 indicates tension, so try to avoid confrontations and any disagreements.
Relationship and Love life have to be taken care of. Single one should be very careful regarding the partnership and the beginning of any new relation, although Venus the planet of love and couples will be in a very powerful position. There is an indication, that Leo’s relationship can get connected with the career or public life. There can be some professional decisions which will be influenced by the personal life.
Leos already in a relationship will have to keep better relationship with their affiliates. You have to pay attention towards your spouse and make very sure that you give considerable time towards your relations.

Career and Finance –Venus in Leo’s house of career will give you satisfaction and smooth professional life. You will get good opportunities to sign new contracts and any new negotiations and obligations. The superiors will regard you with benevolence, collaborations will happen, social connection can make your way towards advancement and success.
You will be very successful in team activities, which are related to network, associations, and organizations. Generally, your partner will understand your opinions and will support you to fulfill your plans. Financially, there can be some surprising expenses coming your way. Think for a long term durable objective, rather than short term objective to fulfill your financial dreams.

Health- You will be in a good shape, but don’t overdo it. The first part of the decanate shows vulnerability of your respiratory apparatus and nervous system. The last part of this month will need proper rest and precaution regarding your health.

Advice- Socialize as much as possible. Avoid excesses

Lucky Stone- Star Ruby
Lucky Day- Sunday/Thursday
Lucky Color-Golden Yellow/Orange
Lucky No- 1/5/12

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Cancer June 2014 Horoscope





You will be going to get a good and wonderful opportunity in the month of July. In the first three weeks of June 2014, Venus will land you into a pool of charm and a good social gathering. You will enjoy collective activities, and reunion of some organization. It is also possible, that your friend will help as a bridge to introduce you to someone. But avoid too much to rely on someone, whether it’s professional or personal front. Don’t be suspicious of everyone, but keep an eye on other goals and undertakings also. Be positive and optimistic in your attitude. Take reasonable decision in both your professional and personal life

Relationship and Love will blossom, as Venus the planet of love will adore eleventh house of Cancerians. Your social life will be enthusiastic and you will feel glad in the companionship, and collective gatherings. Those who are in a relationship will do well and you will be surprised by the support which you will get. It’s ok to be self centered this month, regarding your ongoing relationship. But June 2014 can make you change your loving way of lifestyle.
Career and Finance- There is going to be negative changes in this month. Try to avoid any misdirected opinion. Avoid any emotional outburst, as it may create tension in your professional life. Be flexible, rest and try to be optimistic and positive in your approach. The first part of the year gave you financial windfalls, but now it can go in a downward trend. Mercury in a retrograde motion will send you the message that there are things which need to be reconsiderd, reviewed, and may be even resumed. The new proposal has to be looked with care and precaution. The best option is to get whatever is coming on financial way, but be careful not to put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t analyze your low income as negative or bad luck, but think it as a morale increase which will keep you motivated.

Health- June 2014 will not be a good month as lot of mental engagement can lead to nervousness and low immune system problems. You will probably need some more rest and better treatments for the upcoming health problems.

Advice- Be creative this month, write, draw and paint your creativity

Lucky Stone- Red Coral
Lucky Day- Tuesday/Thursday/Friday
Lucky Color- White/Yellow
Lucky No-2/4/12