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Rutilated Quartz

rutilated quartz

rutilated quartz

Rutilated Quartz is an effective integrator of energy. It is said to have a very perfect balance of cosmic light and is an illuminator for the soul. It promotes spiritual growth and cleanses and energizes the aura. Rutilated Quartz aids astral travel. It facilitates contact with the highest spiritual guidance. It draws off negative energy and breaks down the barriers to spiritual progress.

Rutilated Quartz is helpful for therapists and counselors. It gives protection against psychic attack from the past. It promotes insights and events in life. It helps to connect to the soul and helps to understand previous actions. Psychologically Rutilated Quartz helps to reach the root of the problem. It facilitates transition and a change of direction. Emotionally, it soothes dark moods. It relieves fear, phobias, and act as an antidepressant. At a physical level, it absorbs mercury poisoning from nerves, muscles, blood and the intestinal tract.

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Composite Gemstone Information

composite stones

composite stones

Composite Stones

Composite stones are composed of more than one part. Historically, composite, includes two basic types which are doublets and triplets. The doublets are composed of two parts, sometimes held together by a colored bonding agent. Triplets are composed of three parts, usually glued together to a colored middle part.


Doublets are widely used in making antique jewelry. In antique jewelry, the most common encountered doublet, is referred as “false doublet”. It consist of a garnet top fused to an appropriate colored glass bo0ttom. Garnets were used for the top portion of these false doublets.

True doublets are created by using two genuine stone parts and fusing them together with an appropriate colored glue to create a larger gems, better than the original component.

Opal doublets also occur, consisting of a thin top layer of genuine Opal cemented to a base that can create a poor grade of Opal. The most commonly encountered Opal doublets are precious black Opal.


Triplets are frequently encountered in the Opal market and, because of Opal increasing rarity, it has replaced the doublet. The triplet is like the Opal doublet except that it uses thinner Opal layer that is afterward covered by cabochon shaped colorless quartz.

There is nothing wrong in buying doublet, but you have to be very careful while buying Opal gemstones.

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Planets In Your First House-Your Qualities and Characteristics



If any one of the planets is in your First House, then they will reflect the following qualities and characteristics………….

SUN- self sufficiency, self interest, dependence on one’s self.

MOON- sympathy and moods

MERCURY- understanding

VENUS- self indulgence

MARS-depending on one’s self, aggressiveness

JUPITER-self-sufficiency, self indulgence

SATURN- selfishness, feeling sorry for yourself, preserving yourself

URANUS- self sufficiency

NEPTUNE- self-sacrifice, sympathy

PLUTO- changes in your moods

NOTE- It depends upon an individual birth chart about your detailed qualities and characteristics. Detailed analysis of whole horoscope is essential.

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Capricorn September 2014 Horoscope



Capricorn will experience a fluttering period in September 2014. Some planets will give you a amazing feeling in this month. Venus will enter your Leo house on 6th September 2014; try to devote good time with your loved ones. On 15th Sept and 18th Sept, you will get an amazing, outstanding long awaited result.
This month highly focuses on the area of information, communication. If you are planning for higher education, then this is the right time to go for it. You will stand out as an intelligent person in this month.
Love front is indicating a romantic trip and new perspective in the love life. Relationship with your spouse will be enchanting and charming. You will enjoy candle light dine and short and romantic frequent trip with your partner.

Relationship and love-Venus will cross your 9th house, which will initiate distance and spirituality intervention with your sentimental life. Due to Venus transit, you might meet somebody far away from your place, may be in the foreign land. He or she may be from a different culture and environment.
There can be issue regarding affiliate programs with your family members. You have to be optimistic and positive regarding your opinion and decisions. Don’t ignore the views of your family members. Try to avoid conflicts and argument.

Career and Finance– Capricorn’s main interest will focus on area of information, communication. Writing, presentations, speeches will bring recognition and popularity for you. You might take a PhD examination, or any vocational or development course.
Long distance collaborations and trips taken will be fruitful for your professional space. It will be profitable for you.
Financially, this month will be a little extravagance for you. Don’t be spend thrift. Try to avoid too many expenses. Think twice, before taking any investment decisions.

Health-Psychological pressure will drop, state of mind will improve. Avoid excess, as it can land you in trouble. In the second half of this month, there is a risk of accidents and mishaps, so try to take precaution.

Advice– Avoid making enemies.

Lucky Stone- Yellow Sapphire/Pearl
Lucky Color- White/Yellow
Lucky Day-Monday/Friday
Lucky No-2/4/12

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Sagittarius September 2014 Horoscope



Sagittarius be aware, September is not the play month for you. This month is all about work, and furthering your business and professional life. Your professional life will be in a bit stale. Your hard work will lead you to be successful in your professional life.
Venus in the Sagittarius house of career will help you to succeed in your new venture and professional life. It’s a good time for go into charm offensive. It will make you feel better, and people around you will also feel better.
If you are in your own business, you will smile and feel on top of the world. If you are employed, you will be admired by your seniors and boss.

Relationship and love life– It’s possible that somebody in your professional life will enter your life romantically. Your professional decision will be influenced by feelings and sentiments. You might feel attracted to people that stand out by influence, competence, performance or special talents.
September 2014 is an excellent month for socialization with near and dear ones. Relationship with the spouse and partner will be smooth and satisfying.
If you want to do any changes in your home front, then take decisions with care as Neptune is in a retrograde position.

Career and Finance –Sun in Sagittarius house of career will be very fruitful for a career. The influence of Sun will help you stand out, shine. You will have more autonomy and power to take your own decisions. You will gain popularity and useful social contacts will start.
Participating in reunions and meetings will favor you all throughout September 2014. Partnerships, business partners and collaborations will favor you highly in this month.
Financially, success will bring you higher earnings and your financial fronts will be satisfying.

Health– You will have lots of vitality. You will be active and optimistic. You will have lot of energy in this month. You will be in a good shape.

Advice– Follow your dreams.

Lucky Stone- Orange Sapphire
Lucky Color-Yellow/Orange
Lucky Days-Monday/Thursday
Lucky No-4/9/12

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Scorpio September 2014 Horoscope



Scorpio will develop satisfying way of life in September 2014. Your needs, i.e. physical and emotional will need special cravings during this one month. You have a tendency to hide character, but it is true for most of mankind.
Work is dominating in your life. But now you will focus more in your bank balance and money making.
Your personality will be quite impressive in this month. You will discover the power to alter factors, and will create necessary conditions to discover a way of life and to seek the services of others to your purpose. Large projects and innovative ideas are highly forecasted in this month.
Scorpio’s vocational house will be encourage by courageous, reformist, and a fortunate fire triangle form of Jupiter, Uranus and Mars that will lead to an immense success in your professional front.

Relationship and Love life – In this month Scorpio’s relationship will depend on friendship and mutual support rather than on sharing deep emotions. While others in your life are important, you shouldn’t neglect your own needs and interests.
The couple life will be cheerful, joyful and characterized by socialization, fun and optimism. Friends will play a good role as mediator and advisors regarding sentimental problems. The second part of the September 2014 will be more relaxing and romantic for you.

Career and Finance- September 2014 will be an active month for you, full of chance and new career prospects. You will be highly benefitted at the professional front. Large projects and innovative ideas will be implemented in a good way in the second part of this month.
Scorpio’s professional success is connected to a group of people. You will be benefited by popularity and support.
Financially, you have to avoid extra and unnecessary expense in this month. You have to be very careful during first part of this month. Finance will take a good turn after second part of September 2014.

Health.The first part of this month will be tense and risky regarding medical front. Second part of this month is good medical healing. Your health will be benefitted from unexpected opportunity.

Advice– Dare to aspire bigger look, and view things in a grand way.

Lucky Stone- Diamond
Lucky Color-Red/White
Lucky Day- Monday/Thursday
Lucky No-8/9/12

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Blue Sapphire of kashmir-History



Kashmir sapphires rarely appear very high even at high end auctions. It has a history, very long back. In April 2007, 22.66 carat cushion cut Kashmir Sapphire, which was set in a pendant surrounded by diamonds, was sold at a Christies auction. Its cost was about $3,064,000. According to some gemologist, this was a “nice stone”, indicating it was from the finest Sapphire from Kashmir.
Sapphires were first discovered in Kashmir in the year 1880. The story behind Blue Sapphire was that a landslide in the Padar region uncovered the deposits of Blue Sapphire, which was present in the Himalayas at about 4,500 meters.
But, subsequent exploration failed to uncover significant new material. Over the years, several mining efforts were undertaken during the summer months. But the marvels, which came out of the original geological surveys never matched today and the area are mostly under the control of Muslim guerrillas.
This an excellent piece of gem, which is still found in the Indian Himalayas region.

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Lepidolite is a semiprecious gemstone which clears electromagnetic pollution. It is purple-pink in color. Lepidolite has plate like layers, slightly shiny, or grainy mass and is found in all sizes. It is easily obtained and is found in the United States, Brazil, Madagascar, Dominican republic and the Czech Republic.

Lepidolite is extremely useful in the reduction of stress and depression. It halts obsessive thoughts, relieves despondency, and overcomes insomnia. Lepidolite contains lithium and is helpful in stabilizing mood swings. It is an excellent stone for overcoming any emotional depression. It is a “stone of transition”, it releases and reorganizes old psychological problems and behavioral pattern. Lepidolite encourages independence and helps to achieve goals.

Healing Properties of Lepidoolite

Mentally, it stimulates intellect and emotionally ,it enhances your own space. It is a stone of calm and soothes sleep. Lepidolite locates the site of disease, if placed on the body. It alleviates allergies and strengthen immune system. It restructures DNA, and enhances the generation of negative ions. It removes exhaustion, epilepsy, and alzheimers disease. It cures sciatica and neuralgia. It is a detoxifier for the skin and connective tissue. It treats illness caused by “sick building syndrome” or computer stress.

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Libra September 2014 Horoscope



My goodness Libra, you have love written in your horoscope in September 2014. Venus will be the shiniest superstar in the sky for Libran’s. If you are single, then it’s a very high probability that new love will enter your life and will sweep of your feet.
Private life of Libra will be full of dynamism. There is a high chance of romantic dinners. Socialization and collaborations are highly highlighted in this month.
This month is very good for intellectual preoccupations, research, calculations and writing. Travel is on the card, but in the form of romantic trips.

Relationship and Love life-Love is in the air, and highly auspicious for Libran’s in this month. This period will be like germination as it happens to bring lovely feelings afterwards. Private life of Libran’s will be dynamic, but things will develop secretly or with a well guided secrecy.
In the second part of September 2014, a lovely ,surprising event will cheer you. Your whole atmosphere may be full of pleasure and lofty feelings.
In this month your family relations will improve. There will be a very good bondage between the family members. Private and intimate relations will flourish well. But you have to be very clear about your objectives as some misleading events are on the cards.

Career and Finance- September 2014 is an excellent month for intellectual preoccupations, collaborations in the form of writing, research, travelling, and activities that needs skills (drawing, painting, various craft and tennis, badminton)
This month will demand lot of variety and new exercise. There is a powerful opportunity for company relationship or mixed projects in this month. But take exceptional care, not to be fooled into the faulty organization.
Financially, this month will be very good for the new investment. You can look for renovation for your home front and investment in the real estate business.

Health- You need to protect yourself in the last two decan of September 2014. This period is good for spa treatment, hospitalization for the treatment of old ailments.

Advice-Socialize and get involved in group activity

Lucky Stone- Yellow sapphire
Lucky Color- Yellow/Blue
Lucky Day- Monday/Friday/Saturday
Lucky No-7/9/12

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Virgo September 2014 Horoscope



Virgo in the month of September 2014 will strongly focus their thoughts on work and financial issues. Your finances are not going badly, but this month you really need to review some of your financial commitments. In daily basis, you are going very fine, but you had to plan something good for the future.
In September 2014, everything will go more easily and will be more accessible. Personal charm will help you, as you establish connections with ease. This month is very good for collaborations and associations in the workplace.
Your enhanced sense of attraction and attraction will definitely will significant in your professional front. You will benefit from popularity and work, but you will have high ambitions also.

Relationship and love life – Venus, the planet of love will be resting in the sign of Virgo, whole September. This is a very nice period for love, enjoyment and candle light dinner.
Venus the so called “lesser benefic” will support your romantic tendencies, will lead you to the pool of seduction and fiery romantic feelings.
You will have a lot of fun, and you will socialize romantically. You will manifest lot of charms on others. There will be an invisible love bonding which will tie the partners with each other.
In family issues, your thoughts will be more focused on genuine problems. If you are single, then there is a fantastic opportunity to meet someone interesting, which can be your future life partner.
If you are already committed, then you will learn to solve the mistake and you will cherish the relationship.

Career and Finance– In September everything will go more easily. Things will be easily accessible and very easy to accomplish. Your intuition will be recognized. Your personal charm will increase a lot in this month.
This month is very good for collaborations and associations and partnerships. This month will lend you extra authority and you can emerge as a leader in this month. You will exhibit your excellent professional capacities. Your popularity and luck will increase this month.
Financially, this is a good period to have a second thought over your expenditure. Money is an important component for Virgo in September 2014, and you can earn well in this month.

Health- You will be in an admirable shape. Nervous tension which you were longing will completely disappear. Try to live moderately.

Advice- Avoid situations that can lead you into tension and conflict within your family.

Lucky Stone- Diamond
Lucky day-Friday/Saturday
Lucky color- Pink/White
Lucky No-3/9/10