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Cancer March 2016 Horoscope


Cancer March 2016 Horoscope
Cancer 2016 March Horoscope for cancer predicts that this month will predominate over the professional and personal matters. You can keep home and spiritual issue in side for time being. The lunar eclipse of 14th march will affect the students of cancer zodiac sign. Your personal behaviors will become different, so try to think before you react.
It is essential for you to collaborate with others to maintain healthy and a happy relationship. You have to be flexible in your approach and your good social emotions will help you to achieve your goals in this month.

Cancer Love and Romance Horoscope
The Cancer 2016 march predicts that love affairs will come, but along with the problems. The compatibility with your spouse will be strained during this month. All major decisions regarding love and marriage should be kept on hold during this month. Dating a cancer can be a fun, but not for any serious relationship.
After, March 12, 2016, Venus will enter much lighter area that can give wider perspective for Cancer love life. It is the area that points towards joint spiritual and cultural concerts. Love stories with someone from another part of the World may be possible.

Cancer Career and Finance Horoscope
The Sun, Venus and Mars are very close to the zenith. They will reward you with the accomplishments and rewards. There will be major shifts in the working environment and may be your organization may undergo a major transformation. You will get rewards both financially and status wide. There is considerable progress in your career life in this month. After, 20 March, you will emerge as a winner in your professional and work life area.

Cancer Health Horoscope
The health will be normal until 20 March, but after that, it requires extra care and attention. Do not change your fitness routine abruptly.

Advice for Cancer
Read, write, publish and start a blog.

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Gemini March 2016 Horoscope


Gemini March 2016 Horoscope
Gemini 2016 March Horoscope indicates that professional matters will be important as majority of planets are in the northern part of the birth chart. Domestic issue requires your ultimate attention due to influence of lunar eclipse on March 14th 2016.
In this month, you have to decide on your life path and follow it up with hard work. You have to move swiftly during this month to attain your life goals.
You will enjoy your social circle at the utmost. This is a period of conciliation, if you want to bring adaptability in your life.

Gemini Love Life Horoscope
This is a complicated month as, Saturn’s and Mars’s are in the Gemini’s house of relationship. In March 2016, you are in a dangerous ground, so be very careful.
The Saturn is joined by the Mars, between March 6, and May 27, so diplomacy should be practiced at the utmost to save your relationship. Your partner may have health issues, so care has to be taken.
In the family matter, you may have to spend time to repair the residence or relocating to some other place.

Gemini Career and Finance Horoscope
March 2016 will be a good month for Geminians career. There will be achievements, satisfaction, joined by merit and recognition. The Sun, Venus and Mercury go by the distinct area of your solar chart; they will make the best out of it. The sun eclipse that will take place in the same area promises a change of situation and a significant and unusual event.
The planetary positions are auspicious for introducing new products or starting new venture. You may get new job offers during the end of this month. In the financial front.

Gemini Health Horoscope
Health will be excellent, but you may encounter some focus issue particularly during the first part of this month.

Advice for Gemini
Be very, very diplomatic in your relations to others.

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Taurus March 2016 Horoscope


Taurus March 2016 Horoscope
The Taurus March 2016 foretells that career will be a dominant issue during this month. You should make hay while the sun shines, because career goals should be finalized in this month only. Domestic life will be at the back seat during this month. So, try to cultivate good attitude with your family members. March 2016 is a right period for Taureans to fulfill their personal ambition also, be it in the matter related to love or any family bonding.
Taureans who are inclined towards spirituality and foreign travel will have great time during this month. You have to strike equilibrium between your social life and personal independence.

Taurus Love Life Horoscope
The March 2016, warns that you should take care in the matter related to love, because the planets are not in favor of love matter. Your love life will face challenges and you have to struggle to keep it going. Mars’s the ruler of Taurus house of couple is in retrograde motion from January until September 2016, so emotional blockages are possible, emotional misbalances and estrangement dictated by external reasons. Family relationship can be volatile, and you have to spend time with your family to stay calm to maintain peaceful atmosphere at home.
Second part of the month can bring some trouble for the married couples. Problems will evaporate gradually. Singles Taureans may find the love of their life.

Taurus Career and Finance Horoscope
During March 2016, Taureans will experience excellent popularity, and when in need, they will easily find their supporters and friends. Mars will heighten ambition and assertiveness, but there is a risk of cold conflict also in this month, so beware in your thoughts.
The financial area will be excellent during March 2016. Your self-confidence will be high and your quick decision will help you to make money vastly.

Taurus Health Horoscope
You are in great shape and will have plenty of energy to enjoy during this month. Try to avoid worrying too much as it may land you into health trouble.

Advice for Taurus
Avoid credits and loans.

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Aries March 2016 Horoscope


Aries 2016 March Horoscope
Aries March 2016 Horoscope shows that you will be ready to accept all challenges in this month. You will maintain self-respect and will analyse the situation before going for any major decision. Arians should be patient during this month and should face the tensed situations with patience and positive attitude. Love life will flourish during this month due to the presence of Venus in the love house of Arians.
This month, your life will be greatly influenced by the great lunar eclipse, which is going to happen on 14th of this month. In this period, it is advisable that you reduce your activities to a little bit to get mental peace. Your personal looks and behavior will undergo a drastic change during March 2016.

Aries Love Life Horoscope
You will enjoy with your loved ones par to the extent or you can attracted to someone who can make you feel loving and caring.
Arian’s love life will be out in the open until March 2016, with the feeling of hope, love and care. Venus, the ruler of Arie’s house of relationship will sit in the 11th house, an optimistic and a lucky house.

Aries Career and Finance Horoscope
March 2016, is full of Arian’s hope in the career and finance life. This is a month full of ambition, to assert oneself in the career. All difficulties at the workplace will be removed and you will feel at ease. Environment at the office will be enjoyable and the people looking for the employment will get many opportunities to find appropriate job.
In 2016, Saturn, the ruler of Aries’s house of career is in Sagittarius, full of positive drive and success in the career matters.
Financially, you should ponder on your initiative and projects during the first half of the moth. You should take financial decision with ease and great care.

Aries Health Horoscope
You could feel more tired and lack of energy during the first two week of March 2016. You should be alert, if you have any chronic disease.

Advice for Aries
Plan well before taking any major steps.

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