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Pisces 2014 Yearly Horoscope

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You will concentrate in love life and career perspective. People belonging to Pisces are emotional/sympathetic/and sensitive. Pisceans are very supportive and simple in their attitude. You will enjoy very social time and will enjoy creativity with children.

Jupiter the planet of expansion is in cancer i.e. you 5th house till July 16th and will move to Leo your 6th house after July .Jupiter in your fifth house indicates personal romance/pleasure/luxuries /children / creativity.

Career front will bring joy for you this year. You could work hard to meet your deadline. You can experience pressure from senior colleague to perform but you will pass easily from the undue stress.

Financial sector will be better .you will manage money better than ever before. You are a generous person but you will spend wisely in the year 2014.

Romance and love life will provide lot of harmony and passion in your love life that will please you. If you are married and have children they will be a source of great happiness for you. You will have a feel good factor that will continue for whole year.

Business: You will reap the benefit of long term planning and investment. Year 2014 is a good time to make your own private business.

Finance: Financially Piscean will have no loss and no gain period this year. Planning a regular budget will bring lot of relief to this people. Investing in some fund will prove advantageous in coming year ahead. You will manage money better than ever before. and you will feel good about your finances. You can give good advice to the youngster regarding finance.

Career: You can find yourself to get through your career .You will have to struggle to meet the deadline. Your effort and persistence will lead you to achieve your goal. You will have more energy to focus on your work and will get the expected result. If you are looking for a job February and June is the best month to be

Pisces Career Horoscope 2014 indicates that March can bring some issues at work place and it has to be tackled with patience.

Romance: Romance will become indispensable part of your life. If you are single you can get a romantic encounter so you should not shy too much .You should express your feeling to the loved one with ease and confidence. Be guided by Capricorn friend that will give you good advice.

July and October are two lovely month for you in which you can even enjoy short romantic and pleasant trip.

Pisces Love Horoscope 2014 advises that you should not worry too much regarding differences in your married life. as with compatibility it will be resolved soon.

Health: You will feel energetic this year. This is a good year for you to sit and relax. Body ache can trouble you so ma doctor should be consulted to get relief. Alcohol will be discarded by you and you will feel its benefit. You will take better care of yourself.

Pisces Health Horoscope 2014 indicates that you will enjoy good health this year.

Relationship: you may encounter family trouble in the first month of the year. You will have better connection with society this year. A contradiction from outside may take place so emotions should be balanced to discard it. By the month of April you will have to analyze the entire problem in a perfect way band you may get lot of support from your friends.

Education: Students will face delays in every aspect in this year. Many of you will face disappointments in competitive examination this year. Concentration will decrease in studies and health issue will create setbacks in education.

Lucky stonecat’s eye /yellow sapphire

Lucky Color-Red/yellow

Lucky DayThursday/Sunday

Lucky Numbers-1/4/3

Compatible Zodiac sign-Taurus/cancer

Incompatible Zodiac sign Aries/ Leo.

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Pisces 2014 Horoscope-Pisces 2014 January



Pisces goes well around with all the people, but this month you will pass by some twitches in your relationship. You will feel uncomfortable with new moon on January 2nd.Uranus, Mars and Jupiter will cross by your sign. You can perhaps face a bitter relation with your friends and colleagues. Last part of the month will help you to ease your relation as new moon will be in the house of friendship. A makeover is highly indicated for pieces sign. Try to keep a distance from noisy and polluted locations during January 2014.There can be an unexpected health problem that can arise as result of incomplete treatment in the previous year. Man over 35 years of age will enjoy, cherish success and will rejoice. In young women there can be financial matters of concern.

Love front for January 2014 needs some precaution as due to loneliness some wrong decision may overcome you. If you are engaged in any love affair it will become as deep as never to be tangled and it will come to a new stage. Relationship can be a concern after January 7th so be social with buddies and enjoy parties and social gatherings.

Career will be satisfactory as Saturn will help you in fighting capacity. Energy of Saturn will make you relax. In team work you may face problem so try to handle it with collaboration..A win win situation is foreseen for Piscean. Real estate will be a boon for you in financial field. You will enjoy financial support from your family and will get good return from the investment.

Advice- Avoid focusing too much on today. Energy will be terrific but your decision will be in slower pace. You must learn to control your life tempo.

Lucky stone-Aquamarine/Pink sapphire

Lucky color-Pink

Lucky day-Friday

Lucky no-2/9