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Sagittarius September 2014 Horoscope



Sagittarius be aware, September is not the play month for you. This month is all about work, and furthering your business and professional life. Your professional life will be in a bit stale. Your hard work will lead you to be successful in your professional life.
Venus in the Sagittarius house of career will help you to succeed in your new venture and professional life. It’s a good time for go into charm offensive. It will make you feel better, and people around you will also feel better.
If you are in your own business, you will smile and feel on top of the world. If you are employed, you will be admired by your seniors and boss.

Relationship and love life– It’s possible that somebody in your professional life will enter your life romantically. Your professional decision will be influenced by feelings and sentiments. You might feel attracted to people that stand out by influence, competence, performance or special talents.
September 2014 is an excellent month for socialization with near and dear ones. Relationship with the spouse and partner will be smooth and satisfying.
If you want to do any changes in your home front, then take decisions with care as Neptune is in a retrograde position.

Career and Finance –Sun in Sagittarius house of career will be very fruitful for a career. The influence of Sun will help you stand out, shine. You will have more autonomy and power to take your own decisions. You will gain popularity and useful social contacts will start.
Participating in reunions and meetings will favor you all throughout September 2014. Partnerships, business partners and collaborations will favor you highly in this month.
Financially, success will bring you higher earnings and your financial fronts will be satisfying.

Health– You will have lots of vitality. You will be active and optimistic. You will have lot of energy in this month. You will be in a good shape.

Advice– Follow your dreams.

Lucky Stone- Orange Sapphire
Lucky Color-Yellow/Orange
Lucky Days-Monday/Thursday
Lucky No-4/9/12