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Aquarius April 2019 Horoscope

Aquarius 2019 for April predicts that this month is favorable for famil6y affairs. Career and personal accomplishments will take a back seat during this month. Career goals and path requires emotional stability during this month. In April 2019, initiative is necessary to achieve long-term goal in the career and professional front. There is no need fo0r collaboration and compromise. You can decide the course of action and decide your own initiative for your personal and professional accomplishments.


Aquarius Love and Romance
Aquarius 2019 April will be full of Angst in love life. Everything is in motion and everything involves interaction. Both Venus, the planet of love and Sun is in the third house, it means that travel and communication are the major focus during this month.

This month is for dates and new romantic affairs. Single Aquarius will find the romantic opportunities near the neighbor and in their social circle. Family circle will be another source of finding love in the life. Married Aquarians will seek rational mates till 20th of April 2019. Singles will have to take decisions regarding the commitment with their life partner. Aquarius yearly 2019 Horoscope.

Aquarius Career and Finance Horoscope
The planetary decisions are not favorable for the new job in this month. This is a good period to visualize the upcoming opportunities in your professional life. People searching for new job will get good opportunities.

Mars is the ruler of Aquarius house of career is in a promising house, but in a bad company that is with Saturn, so even if you are on the right track you will face extreme hurdles to overcome it. So be little positive in your action and do not take any decision in haste.

Financial position is outstanding during this month. Risky investment will be profitable till 16th of April 2019. Investors will reap good benefit during this period.

Aquarius Health horoscope
You will have good strength in this month.  Sometimes too much rush can land you into great trouble. You should be careful while travelling.

Advice for Aquarius
Negotiate everything.

Lucky gemstone: Emerald / Blue Sapphire

Lucky color: Blue / Green / White

Lucky day: Saturday, Friday , Monday