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Importance of Blue Gemstones

Gemstones are found in various colours and it is a well-known fact. Variety of gemstones exists in red, blue, green, yellow, white, black and various other colours. In this brief description, we will know about the important blue gemstones.



The sapphire exists in the form of blue sapphire. Its power lies in the rays it emits, the color of the sky, and the blue light of the heavens. It has the highest light of all blue stones. This gem, matter from earth, transformed by the blue ray.

Its deep, penetrating light emits rays of pure devotion, which speak to us of cosmic infinity, higher mystery, and infinite reality. It has the power to transform, to life our soul into higher realms. The sapphire has been used in the performance of higher mysteries. Its scared beauty inspired religious devotion, inner devotion and faith. It is a great meditation tool which has been used by yogis, healers and saints.

What more Blue Gemstones store for you?