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Gemini February 2014

Gemini Feb 2014

Gemini February 2014 Predictions

Gemini February 2014 Predictions
Gemini 2014 predictions indicate that there is a possibility of large events to disrupt the background of calm and soothing atmosphere. You should be very careful to react those otherwise there can be serious trouble to be faced by Gemini’s. Apart from little fissure there is an indication that Gemini will face great success in this month as Mercury the ruler of this sign will be quite active. Business and financial position will improve a lot. The good news in your financial and business front will help you to overcome the stellar energy of love front. Venus is in mega transits in Capricorn until next March that will create an atmosphere of emotional depth and someone can touch your feelings to move on. It is a very good time to have heart to heart talk and take confidential decisions.Career, life directions and new enterprise may take you to new turn. From February 9th to 13th Sun and Saturn will clash. Sun will be in your long distance, foreign travel, physical health and language barrier. There can be lot of stress that can hamper your productivity at work. February 14th will sizzle with new moon knocking your 3rd house that will affect your interpersonal communications, local community and commercial activities.
Relationships for Gemini’s are showing a very positive sign. Those not in relations may find their spouse or life partner. There will be a very major outlook in your view regarding relationship. Family life will be handled with idealism rather than love and romance.
Career horoscope for Gemini is tingling positive. It will roar and business will shine in this month for Gemini’s. Environment at the workplace may discourage you so you have to be very stable and solve issue with peace and in a diplomatic way.
Advice- You should pay attention in your professional life as it will be in continuous stress. Love life should be also looked upon as there is a strong indication of clash and mood swings with your partner.
Lucky stone-Aquamarine.
Lucky color-Green, yellow
Lucky day-Monday, Friday
Lucky no-7, 3