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Capricorn 2014 Horoscope-Capricorn 2014 January



Capricorn will experience a grand cross in January 2014. It indicates that your career, family and marriage will be a completely a mess. New moon on 2nd January will be in your natal house along with sun, moon, mercury and Pluto will give you new energy But the arrival of new moon will be disadvantage for you. Young ladies will have some trouble with friend or other young women. These problems will be borne by family, personal or professional life. In the 30 days of January 2014 you will get unique offers that will help you to leap at other teams before taking any important decisions. Uranus and Aries will create personal changes including your close relatives As Venus transit your 8th house relationship will fascinate you. Health front needs proper care as there can be deficiency of calcium in your body. While travelling you should take proper care as gastroentitis is indicated.

Love life will be little dull in the first part of January 2014. To develop passion in love life more and more time has to be spend with the loved ones. Don’t hesitate to express emotions as Capricorns are little introvert.

Career will be in great progress and also in interpersonal relationship you will feel the cherish. Take advantage of this upcoming positive vibes and be bold to uplift your career. In finance firm you will be luckiest of all the 12 signs. God of wealth will follow you wherever you go and stand. There will be great increase in your salary but your generosity will make you over draft.

Advice- Capricorns produce leaders, but this month you need to take vacation .Try to plan a romantic date that will make you feel ease. Finance has to be managed very carefully although you are a good decision maker in the area of finance.

Lucky stone- Amethyst

Lucky color- yellow

Lucky days- Sunday

Lucky no-6