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Importance of Blue Gemstones

Gemstones are found in various colours and it is a well-known fact. Variety of gemstones exists in red, blue, green, yellow, white, black and various other colours. In this brief description, we will know about the important blue gemstones.



The sapphire exists in the form of blue sapphire. Its power lies in the rays it emits, the color of the sky, and the blue light of the heavens. It has the highest light of all blue stones. This gem, matter from earth, transformed by the blue ray.

Its deep, penetrating light emits rays of pure devotion, which speak to us of cosmic infinity, higher mystery, and infinite reality. It has the power to transform, to life our soul into higher realms. The sapphire has been used in the performance of higher mysteries. Its scared beauty inspired religious devotion, inner devotion and faith. It is a great meditation tool which has been used by yogis, healers and saints.

What more Blue Gemstones store for you?

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Importance of Color Shades In Jyotish Gemstone

Jyotish Quality Gemstone is not found easily. They are very rare and that is the reason they are hard to obtain similarly as life is not a cakewalk. Many people think that the gemstone which they are buying is a Jyotish gemstone but it is not so. We have to be very cautious regarding the Jyotish gemstone and its quality.

Prerequisite of a Jyotish Gemstone

Depicted below is Jyotish quality yellow sapphire

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What to Ask – Before Buying Gemstone


The right question can help you to get an excellent and natural gemstone. It is the only way you can be sure what you are comparing when considering gems from different jewellers. Be sure that jeweller answers your question exactly what you want. There are certain questions athat can help you to get a certified and a genuine gemsotne-

a) Is this a genuine, a natural stone, or a synthetic?

b) Is the color natural becuse most gemstones are coloured enhanced .

c) The clarification of the namke is essential before buying any precious and a semi-precious gemstone.

d) Is the clarity of the gemstone acceptable?

e) Is the color permanent or treated?

f) Does the stone need a protective setting as it is important in the gemstones, tanzanite, opalo and emerald.

g) Does the stone have a pleasing and an attractive shape?

h) Do you like the color of the gemstone? Is it appealing to you? How does the color look different in the sunshine?

i) What are colorless stone?

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Peridot – Mercury Gemstone


Proper gem recommendation can help to combat the hurdles and the incoming dangers coming in your life. But the gemstone should be worn at the correct time. Consultation of a gemstone should be from an expert astrologer.

The gemstone shown below is PERIDOT. It is also called as Poorman’s emerald because it is cheaper than Emerald but helps to bring beneficiaries of Mercury.

Peridot activates the inactive Mercury and helps to give benefits in education and relationship.

Click to read complete details of Peridot..

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Tibet Turquoise – Firoza

tibet -turquoise

tibet -turquoise

Turquoise Feroza – Tibet is the oldest stone in the man’s history. The Turquoise is a naturally occurring gemstone. It is mainly composed of copper aluminium anhydrous sulphate. It is found in bluish green in color, and even the color Turquoise has derived from this gemstone. Tibetan Turquoise or Chinese Turquoise is green in color.

Turquoise Tibet is used to clear the throat chakra. It releases the blockage of self suppression. As, jewelry it is worn by men and women as pendant, necklace. It is used in scared spiritual beads to attain the level of high spiritual and angelic realms.
Turquoise rosary can invoke the deity. Tibetan Turquoise if given as a gift can bring natural fortune power to the individual

Turquoise Tibet

greenish blue sapphire

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Greenish Blue sapphire | Unique Greenish Blue Sapphire Gemstone

greenish blue sapphire

greenish blue sapphire

Astrological Benefit of Ceyloni Blue sapphire
Blue sapphire/Neelam is an excellent gemstone to remove any evil effect of the planet Saturn. Saturn is a planet of judgment and spiritualism. This gemstone is used to attain self confidence and is very helpful to defeat enemy. It also helps the wearer to get protected from evil eyes and black magic. This stone heightens employment prospects and helps in retaining jobs and career. It has been proved that if this stone gives good effects to a person, then he or she can achieve remarkable success in the life.

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Japanese Red Coral Moonga 6.99 Carat |

Dispatch Time: 2 Business days (+7 days if customized Jewellery)
Return Policy: 10 day Money Back-Returns and Replacement*
Superior, Brilliant, lustrous, Vedic and Medical astrology approved gemstone
Orangish Red
Shape & Cut:
Rectangular Cabachon

Transparency: NA
14.70 x 7.12 x 6.64 mm

Weight in Rati: 7.77
Price Per Carat: 1800
Free Lab Certificate from Government approved Lab
Wearing Method:
very good effects when wear in ring or in pendant/bracelet in copper gold or silver.

Japanese Red Coral Moonga 6.99 Carat |