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Synthetic Blue sapphire | Lab created Sapphire

synthetic sapphire

Synthetic Blue  Sapphire


Production of synthetic sapphire gemstone started a few years later than Ruby.

Appearance– The color synthetic blue sapphire is  of medium-light faceted stones often look darker at the edges, due to an optical effect. It may also be colder and grayer than natural sapphire. It is cut into all shapes used for the natural stones, both faceted and cabochon. The cabochon cut is, in fact the one which suits all. Synthetic sapphire or lab treated sapphire’s are very transparent in appearance

Features- The color, sometimes with an unusual shades and color zoning, and the absence of blue green pleochroism. The main distinctive features are internal and only visible under a lens or microscope, broad bands resenting curved growth lines. The depth of the color is much more clearly visible. Sometimes “gas bubbles” and minute foreign bodies either separately or in “swarms” follow the growth curves.

Cost- The cost of synthetic blue sapphire is very low as compared to natural sapphires