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Gemini March 2014 Predictions



Gemini will be very ambitious this month. Aims and ambitions will be jumping with pride. New contacts and friends will help you to succeed in your new undertakings. You will analyze on various possibilities and speculations. From the March end you may make new connections. New achievement is foreseen in the last month of March.
New moon on the 1st in Pisces along with Jupiter will make Gemini’s to take things too personally. Try to scrutinize your thinking and any actions. New moon will also help you a lot to move forward in your goals. You should take the initiative related to career or business aspect.
From 21st it will be a proactive phase for you. New friends and partnership will be there.
Relationship will be good. Jupiter the ruler of Gemini house of relationships will be well supported. Mercury Gemini’s “Boss”, will be very close ie Venus in the first part of March 2014.There is a risk of sexually transmitted disease, so be careful.
Career and Finance– A lot of hard work is indicated .Satisfaction will be there in your work. Saturn will urge you for the effort and success. You will benefit from the glory, in addition to money. Mercury Gemini’s ruler is now straight from the end of February and it is on the top position. It will give you a remarkable success.
Health is to be taken care. No matter how busy! Don’t ignore your health. Take out time or fitness programme.Avoid stress.
Advice – Try to be rationale. Don’t be emotional.
Lucky Stone- Gambian Emerald
Lucky day- Wednesday
Lucky Color- Blue, Green
Lucky No-3, 11