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Pisces 2014 Horoscope-Pisces 2014 January



Pisces goes well around with all the people, but this month you will pass by some twitches in your relationship. You will feel uncomfortable with new moon on January 2nd.Uranus, Mars and Jupiter will cross by your sign. You can perhaps face a bitter relation with your friends and colleagues. Last part of the month will help you to ease your relation as new moon will be in the house of friendship. A makeover is highly indicated for pieces sign. Try to keep a distance from noisy and polluted locations during January 2014.There can be an unexpected health problem that can arise as result of incomplete treatment in the previous year. Man over 35 years of age will enjoy, cherish success and will rejoice. In young women there can be financial matters of concern.

Love front for January 2014 needs some precaution as due to loneliness some wrong decision may overcome you. If you are engaged in any love affair it will become as deep as never to be tangled and it will come to a new stage. Relationship can be a concern after January 7th so be social with buddies and enjoy parties and social gatherings.

Career will be satisfactory as Saturn will help you in fighting capacity. Energy of Saturn will make you relax. In team work you may face problem so try to handle it with collaboration..A win win situation is foreseen for Piscean. Real estate will be a boon for you in financial field. You will enjoy financial support from your family and will get good return from the investment.

Advice- Avoid focusing too much on today. Energy will be terrific but your decision will be in slower pace. You must learn to control your life tempo.

Lucky stone-Aquamarine/Pink sapphire

Lucky color-Pink

Lucky day-Friday

Lucky no-2/9