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Pisces March 2014 Predictions



Pisces will be more sensitive this month. Even though this is a birthday period for you, there can be some ups and downs in your emotional front. You will be in a creative style and will try to explore new things. Your world is slowly expanding, but you will be more realistic.
This is a great time to push the things that you know. Try to balance the things and improve yourself in personal, emotional and spiritual front.
From 18th Mercury in your sign will put you in the information exchange more and more. There may be more paperwork for the things that you are carrying away. You will develop people skills.
Relationship-In the first part of the march there won’t be anything spectacular. Venus and Mercury both will be shadowed. So nothing important is going to take place. Things will move on after second part of March 2014. Venus will prepare nice surprises for you.
Career and Finance- It will come with the success in professional front. Sun will high light your success. There will be a good coordination between the rulers of the Pisces house of the career. Mars retrograde movement can create a misunderstanding.
Financially you will be well .You will not experience any financial problem. Renew the insurance and postpone financial innovation.
Health- Try to relax as some health problems are foreseen. You will have high perceptive sensitiveness. Worry can lead to poor health.
Advice- Think twice before making any decision.
Lucky Stone- Yellow Sapphire
Lucky Color- Cream
Lucky Days-Wednesday, Thursday
Lucky No-3, 6, 12