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Ruby Johnson Africa

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Ruby Johnson Africa |Ruby Johnson Africa Gemstone

Ruby Johnson Africa

Ruby johnson africa

Ruby Johnson Mine Stimulates Vitality and Energy
Ruby gemstone is very well known for its deep red color. It has an excellent power for recharging the lost energy. This red gemstone denotes planet “Sun”. It imparts vitality, and strength as the power of the Sun. Wearing Ruby Johnson Mine pendant can protect a person during any critical conditions. It encourages vitality, sexuality, sensuality and energy.


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Ruby Aura Crystal

ruby aura

Ruby aura

Ruby Aura is a quartz which is treated permanently, with gold and platinum to the quartz crystal. It is a stone of passion and vitality. It is protective in times of upheaval and turmoil and against aggression and turmoil. Ruby aura is also formed from the quartz and platinum, but produces a much deeper color. Ruby Aura cleanses the base chakra* of old survival issues and abuse. It brings passion and Vitality and activates wisdom of the heart. Spiritually, it uplifts the spiritual world. This is a protective crystal against aggression and violence. In healing, Ruby Aura benefits the endocrine system and is a natural antibiotic for fungal infections and parasites.