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Saturn Transiting to Sagittarius – 27th January 2017

A major planetary change – Saturn is transiting to Sagittarius ( Dhanu ) on 27-01-2017, major hiccups for all the ascendants. During this transition, it will pass through three Nakshatras i.e. Moola Nakshatra of Ketu, Purva Ashadaha of Venus and Uttara Ashadha of Sun.

What will be the impact of this transition?
How will it cast its shadow when it will cross through these three Nakshatras?

In general, loss of money, tension and health problems is foreseen on the cards, but it is not same for all ascendants. Results may vary according to the position of Saturn in your horoscope and if you are going through a major period of Saturn.

Get your complete detailed report of Saturn transit for two and a half years now.

Get in touch with our expert astrologer Mr. Prashant Kapoor and get remedies and proper gemstone recommendation.

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Sagittarius- Directed and Undirected Energies



Sagittarius directed and undirected energies will bring following characteristics in a person.

Directed Energies– Reserved, adaptable. Correcting, precise, discerning, critical, tasteful, accomplished, self-satisfied, responsible, opportunity seeking and persuasive.

Undirected Energies- capricious, inaccurate, indiscriminate, foolish, complaining, clumsy, careless, extreme, irresponsible, self-deceptive, unknowing, unreliable, rash, self-defeating, negligent.

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The Four Elements In The Zodiac



Fire, earth, air and water are the four vehicles that are used in our progressive evolution. Each sign of the zodiac is assigned an element of its own. The elements that are significant to the signs are as follows.

Fire Signs: Aries(red), leo (orange-gold), Sagittarius (deep blue or purple blue) represent the pure flame of spirit.

Earth Signs: Taurus ( yellow and pink), Virgo ( clear violet), Capricorn ( indigo, black and white), represents various phases of the physical body or temple.

Air Signs: Gemini (deep violet), Libra ( Yellow), Aquarius ( Turquoise, indigo), represent the powers of the mind.

Water Signs: Cancer (Green/ Silver), Scorpio (red), Pisces (blue) represent various aspects of the emotional nature.

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May 2014 Predictions for all Sun signs



May 2014 Predictions for all Sun signs by astrokapoor group…….


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Weekly Predictions ( Feb 23rd -Feb 28th)

Zodiac sign

Zodiac sign

Conditions are not going to be in your favour.Take sufficient time to finalise any deals this week. Avoid acting in a hurry. Practice self control. Be humble to your partner. Try to avoid any heavy exercise as it may cause loss of energy. Try to get yourself involve in some sports activity. As it will help you to stay in a balanced mood. Balanced mood will help you to put your energy in a good way


You should work a bit hard for yourself. Try to avoid always to help others .Look into your goals and ambition. Argument should be avoided as it can turn out to be a basket of tension and depression.Favourable opportunity will come on your way. You will succeed in your plans.Oppurtunity will come in your way. You will enjoy this week. Try to be patient this week.

This week try to avoid any involvement in other’s affair. It can land you into trouble. Always take precaution to be on distance regarding other people’s affair. Stop wastage of time this week to prove yourself, it can be a mistake on your part. Stop mixing your ideas with other people ideas and point of view. Try to be modest. Keep your temper compose .Show humility to others.

Cancerians, try to avoid your anger outburst this week. Accept criticism as it will benefit you in long run. You can gain, if you consider other’s advice. Satisfactory deals with other will help you to achieve your mission. Excessive energy should be channelized by doing exercise, jogging, and sports. Nordic walk will be best for you.

You inspire other by your ideas and plans. You are cool, calm and collected. This approach will help you to win people. You will get favorable response from the proposal that you were waiting for. There will be good relation with your colleague. Previous misconception will be solved. You will be benefited and this can prove to be a good opportunity for your future. This week a good foundation will stand for your future venture.

This week you will have higher level of anger, try to mend it in a constructive way. Use constructive way in dealing with people and colleague. Avoid making any one offended .Be diplomatic in your approach if you want help from others. Don’t try to be on extreme overconfidence as it may let you down to setbacks.

You will have bundle of energy and this can prove to be either positive or destructive. You should think before you act for any situation. Important decisions should be made with care. Partner can get upset with knee jerk reactions of yours. You should remain objective in your approach. Misunderstanding should be avoided.

This week you will get good prospect. Take advantage of opportunity that will come by your way. You will be able to convince others. Try to plan for the future. Outstanding issues and plans should be dealt with care this week. Take care of your health. Take a break, go for riding, jogging and even bicycling.

Try to think big this week. Maintain a notebook of your achievement. Avoid heated argument and decision, as it can lead you into trouble. Depression and frustration can circle you. Practice self restrain. It will help to gain your self confidence and will help you to deal upcoming situation in a more practical way.

You are very productive person. You will succeed in all your work this week. Try to avoid over reacting even if you feel any discomfort. Don’t react with your high temper. Hold yourself back in front of your enemies. They may provoke you and can land you into unwanted problems. Step back from time to time and use your energy in purposeful way.

You will feel a magnetic charm this week. Where ever you go and whoever you meet, you will imbibe others. Try to understand your past and present issues with ease and a second thought. Make sure that outcome that you are creating will benefit you. Look out for opportunities with care. If you are single, romance is more likely to happen. New prospect of love is foreseen.

You will be confident this week. Improvements will be there both at work as well as on home front. You will lose control very easily and argument is foreseen that can lead you into trouble. Think twice before you act. Proceed with care and caution. Avoid reacting and try to consider any situation sensibly and in an effective way

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Sagittarius February 2014


Sagittarius Feb 2014Sagittarius February 2014 Predictions
Sagittarius for Gregorian calendar month is indicating an unpredictable event. Monetary sector can face a battle from both the aspect. Finances are a region of concern during this month. Hobbies that square measure cheap ought to be looked upon. You may ought to change plans as a result of important changes in external factors. Venus can solely impact sensible result for this sign and you\’re not about to see any positive signs as a result of lack of alternative planetary blessings. All of your plans could fail a way or the other however patience ought to be cultivated. Love front will show you a lot of luck. Pluto can still oppose Jupiter. You must be agreeable and pleasant to others and may try and avoid conflict. try and be rational for finding any comprehensive drawback instead of intuition. All major call ought to be avoided and tiny steps ought to be taken. Simply listen to true on the approaching full phase of the moon February fourteenth.
Relationship is in middle of the term. No major changes smitten front is fore casted. it\’s terribly essential to create long run relationship. There may be disagreement together with your relative therefore care needs to be looked upon. it\’s sensible to avoid any shrewish along with your relative otherwise argument is fore seen.
Career ought to be taken into precaution plateau. There can be disappointment together with your colleague or partner. Financial front are satisfactory and no vast gain is forecasted. Space of labor is in problematic direction thus care ought to be practiced.
Advice-Try to avoid any argument together with your relative or in social gatherings. Relaxation and correct diet ought to be followed because it will result in poor health report.
Lucky stone-Yellow sapphire/Ruby
Lucky color-Orange
Lucky day-Thursday, Friday
Lucky no-5, 6, 9