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Kamadhenu Cow | Wish fulfilling Cow

Kamadhenu Cow

Kamadhenu Cow ( Wish Fulfilling Cow)

Kamadhenu (Sanskrit: Kāmadhenu), Kamadugha, Kamaduh also known as Surabhi (Surabhī), is a divine heavenly goddess mentioned in Hindu mythology as the mother of all cows. Kamadhenu cow is also depicted in the ancient Vedas as the cow of “wish” or “desire”. When Brahma himself concluded Surabhi cows austerities, he appeared before them and granted their wishes and blessed them with the benediction that, cows would eternally be the sustainers of all creatures.

Astrology the divine science depicts the cow or bull the symbol of the sign Taurus that represents earth, nature and all its bounties. Cow can be depicted as an universal mother signifying krittika constellation. Her innumerable resourcefulness is knotted with the constellation Rohini, whose symbol, ‘an oxen cart pulling a fresh harvest’ shows the fertility aspect of both the earth and the cow. The cow’s nourishing feature is denoted with the constellation Pushya, which has a cow’s ‘milk-giving udder,’ a symbol, and signifies constellation that relates motherhood and the nature actually signifies with the cow Kamadhenu.

Kamadhenu, also known as Gayatri, is worshipped as the heavenly cow. It is believed that the Gods drink its milk that fills them with self-satisfaction, happiness and abundance.

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