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Dew Pearls

dew Pearls

Dew pearls


Dew pearls can be found from different sources. Dew Pearls are unique. These are the gift from the nature, they are exquisite and rare to behold. Dew Pearls have many virtues, which helps to hold luster to your life. These are often associated with Sprites and fairies.
The Dew Totem has following virtue
Exceeding beauty, youthfulness, harmony, inner peace, glimmering personality, attracts luck, wards off negative energies, healing energies.
These pearls are very rare and hard to find.
Dew Pearls are said to impart their particular magical virtues to their owner. Dew Pearls are characteristic of its individual host; they possess all the characteristics that may be seen in the Dew pearl chosen.
The unique characteristics are contained within the pearl waiting for its proper owner to bestow its inner magic to the unique and fortunate individual.
For century’s shamans, priestesses, spiritualists and practitioners of the occult have used Dew animal pearls to transfer powerful healing energies.
Dew pearls are highly sought after by any wishing to absorb these virtues in their lives.
It develops stronger mental abilities, by the gift of nature.
Available at……..$220.50

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Dendritic Agate

dendritic agate

dendritic agate


Dendritic Agate is also known as the stone of plenitude. It is transparent with fern like markings, often small and tumbled. It is clear brown, and green in color. It is readily available, but mostly found in the United States, India, Iceland, Morocco and Brazil. Dendritic Agate brings abundance and fullness to all areas of life. It can be used to enhance the yield of crops or to maintain the health of house plants.


Dendritic Agate helps to create a peaceful environment at home. This crystal encourages you for the enjoyment of each moment. It has a connection with the plant kingdom. Dendritic Agate deepens your connection to the earth.

However Dendritic Agate works slowly to show its effect.


Dendritic Agate heals chakra imbalance of your body. It heals the nervous system and neuralgia. This stone treats skeletal disorders. Dendritic Agate treats capillary degeneration and stimulates circulatory system. It is a useful stone for healing plants. It overcomes Geopathic stress also.

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Sphatik Crystal

sphatik crystal

sphatik crystal

Sphatik crystal is an excellent energy amplifier, due to its unique helical crystalline form. Read immense benefit of Sphatik crystal

A Pyramid made of Sphatik crystal is highly effective for students and working professionals to increase concentration level.

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Boji Stone | Benefits of Boji Stone

Boji Gemstone

Boji Gemstone


Boji stones are one of the most effective grounding stones. It gently connects you to the earth and your body. Boji stones are extremely useful for people who are in incarnation. This stone has a very strong protective function. It is very useful for overcoming blockages. The smooth stones have feminine energy. The protruded one has masculine energy. Boji stones are balancers . With their strong earth connection, Boji stones are beneficial to plants and crops. Psychologically Boji stones clears blockage at all levels.

Benefits: Boji stones clears blocked emotion and heal hurtful memories. They also reveal negative though emotions. It dissolves blockages in the physical body. Physically, Boji stone stimulates the flow of energy. Mentally, Boji stones bring your attention to mental imprints. It can be emotionally stabilizing for your mind also.

Healing: Boji stones relieve back pain. It clears blockages and heals the tissue. It is very good for tissue regeneration. It is very useful when your physical energy is low.

Position: Hold a pair of Boji in your hands for ten minutes or so, or place over a blocked or painful point.

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Calcite Gemstone | Medical Astrology and Calcite


calcite gemstone


Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy. Calcite is an active crystal. It speeds up development and growth. This is a spiritual stone and is linked to higher consciousness.. It facilitates higher consciousness and psychic abilities. It has a positive effect on the lost motivation.

It is found in the United States, Britain, Belgium, Iceland, Romania and Brazil. Calcite has a translucent appearance, and often banded, of all sizes and sometimes tumbled. It is found in green, yellow, orange, pink and red color.


Calcite is a spiritual stone. It enhances spiritual development. Psychologically, Calcite connects the emotions with the intellect. It also creates emotional intelligence. It combats laziness, and aids to become more energetic on all levels. Mentally, calcite calms the mind. It teaches insights  and boosts memory. It helps to change ideas into actions. It is a useful stone for study. Calcite alleviates emotional stress. It cleanses and balances energy at all the chakras.


Calcite cleanses the organ of elimination. It helps to balance calcium level in the body. It cures intestinal and skin troubles. It fortifies the immune system and encourage growth in small children. It works quickly as an elixir and cures warts, wounds and skin ulcers.

Calcite in Gems Therapy | Cure of Disease | Medical Astrology

Calcite is traditionally considered as a very powerful healer. Black calcite removes depression and mental tension. Blue calcite is a very gentle stone for relaxation. It lowers blood pressure. Gold calcite is used for meditation. Green calcite is a mental healer. It cures muscle and ligaments. Orange calcite removes fear and emotional tension. Pink calcite  is a heart crystal. Red calcite increases energy and is a mood elevator. Yellow calcite stimulates the will power.

It is used in Medical Astrology for the treatment of various diseases. We have Calcite gemstone in the wholesale price.


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Feng Shui and Relationship Area

Feng Shui and Relationship

Feng Shui and Relationships

Feng Shui for Love and Marriage

Feng Shui is the science of practice of arranging your environment according to the “chi” flows. Chi flow is the positive energy present in your environment. The Feng Shui element of the South West area is the Earth. It helps to bring positive energy and also cures negative energy. It nourishes the Earth element of your environment. The live area is connected to the Southwest Bagua area of your home, which is called as Love, Relationship and Marriage.

Feng Shui Tips
It is always recommended to express and enhance South west corner of your home. It is the energy desired in your love relationships or marriage. Here is the appropriate tip for the Southwest Bagua area of your home in order to create harmony and balanced energy in your home.

The art of expression of energy of the love. Always focus to find art and beauty which speaks true and which depicts nourishing love. Always be mindful about the colors that you chose as Feng Shui cure and avoid strong metal, water, or wood element colors in the Southwest Bagua area.  

Tail lights are good Feng Shui cure and it activates the fire element and also expands the energy. You can choose any size in your lighting fixtures. But always be sure that the size and overall appearance of your light fixtures works well with the design of your room. It should also compliment your surrounding harmoniously

Fire or earth element item in two in number as tall candles, decorative items in fire colors (red, orange, purple) and shapes. Always be sure to use the shape of the earth element (square) to strengthen the area. Avoid metal, water, and wood shapes in your Feng Shui Southwest area cures.

You might also choose to paint the walls of your South west area in the earth color as orange and sandy/earthy colors.






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Cultured Pearls

Cultured pearls

Cultured Pearls


Cultured Pearls are spherical in shape. It is less regular and pear shaped. The most common irregularities found in Cultured Pearls are small cavities with a white base. When it is magnified twenty or more times, cultured pearls also display a close pattern of minute, sinuous lines. Their luster is not generally noticeable. This Pearl has highly translucent outer layers because of an excess of water. They are produced by large mollusc, they are often 10-12 millimeters in diameter, and even 15 millimeters, with great luster.

Properties : In pierced cultured pearls, the junction between the external layers of nacre and the uniform nucleus at the center may be quite visible through the drill hole. Sometimes horizontal lines are seen in these pearls. These are the flat parallel layers of the artificial nucleus and have nothing to do with the nucleus of the pearl.

Occurrence: The main center of production for cultured pearls are in Japan, Australia and the coast of India

Value: There is a big difference between Cultured Pearls and that of the cultured pearls, which on average cost at least ten times less. A string of cultured pearls of uniform diameter is worth more than one of graduated diameters and a pair of identical pearls is worth more than two different ones. A thick layer of line usually, makes it an appearance similar to that of natural pearls. Australian cultured pearls are more costly and valuable than pearls found in other parts of the world.