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Horoscope|What is a Horoscope?





A horoscope is a representation of the Zodiac in the form of a square divided into twelve rectangles with a big rectangle in the middle. Each of the rectangles on the sides represents a sign or house. The first sign is Aries, which begins at 1 and the other signs follow 1 in the clockwise order. The Horoscope diagram may take any shape which can be square, circle, octagon or any other form. The principle point to note is whether the house occurs in the clockwise or counterclockwise order. The reader may adopt the form of the diagram which is prevalent in his parts, so that he may not be unfamiliar with a prepared horoscope.

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Principles of Judgement In Astrology



The art of prediction is undoubtedly the most difficult and intricate portion of Astrology, and mastery in it can be obtained by constant study, methodical procedure, cool thinking, stretch of imagination, common sense etc. No horoscope can be perfect in all aspects, as is its native. Each planet disperses its own light from a certain place in the heavens, called Sign, and from a certain angle with reference to the moment of birth, ( Lagna) called as House, and that light undergoes chemical changes before reaching us due to the distance of one planet from another, called Aspects. The study of all these require much care and intelligence, if not patience and experience.

The strength and nature of each of the following forms of the main considerations in judging the effects of a House. These are as follows…………..

The sign, The planet or planets by Sign, The same by House, The same by the lordship of Houses, The lord of that House, The chief governor of the affair indicated by the House.


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CRYSTAL |Crystal Healing

isis crystal

Isis crystal

The crystal has  a dominant face, which is five sided, with a tall, sharp sharp point rather like an arrowhead. This crystal is extremely useful for healing anything that is broken- which includes body, mind, emotions, or spirit. It can be used to integrate spiritual energies into the emotional body and brings more balanced and joyful emotions. This crystal can take you deep into your own heart for healing, insights, and acceptance. It is helpful for men who want to get more in touch with feeling nature. It can also assist sensitive children to stabilize their nature. A pointed crystal is beneficial for anyone who is facing a transition, especially to the next world.

Each crystal has  a specific use in healing. Wands sharply focus energy and may stimulate points on the body and draw off negative energy. Crystal with terminations at both ends help to break off negativity. A crystal egg detects and corrects energy imbalance. A single point focuses energy into a beam, a square consolidates it, and a sphere  emits energy in all directions.

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Gemstone Identification | How to Identify a Gemstone

gemstone identification

gemstone identification

Every day we receive lots of mails and photographs of gemstones, to decide whether they are genuine or not. But is is really very difficult to identify real gems, and even best gemologist can’t identify the real gemstone.

Each and every gemstone has a unique set of physical and optical property. It includes color, cut, and clarity. Hardness, refractive index, specific gravity or density is also one of the most important feature to identify  a real gemstone. Sometimes you may find that some gemstones have an approx the same specific gravity and specific refractive index, but each gem type has a unique profile. Just don’t try to identify gemstones by refractive index.

The binocular microscope is a very important tool used for the identification of gemstones. It can be used to detect signs of heat treatment or fracture filling. But some forms of treatment can only be identified by specialized and extensive equipment. For example, detecting radiation treatment requires use of gamma ray spectroscopy and beryllium treatment of sapphire is most likely to be detected by LIBS procedure(Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy).You will not find these tools near your neighborhood, but you can get identify your gemstone by a good and authorized gemologist.

A well trained gemologist with vast experience can provide you good and accurate details of your gemstone. But the gems should be certified by lab testing and by an experienced gemologist.

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I am thankful to all Astrokapoor group members for their undivided support.

As communicated earlier, we hope to launch our new version by Saturday with all your wishes.



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Upcoming New Version of

Dear Friends,

With all your best wishes by next week we Astrokapoor group are going to launch our new version of With a new look and feature we are also offering with online option to buy our Astro-products, including varieties of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Do visit our site and please share your views and suggestions. Your opinions are very important for us.

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Aries will encounter one of the luckiest season. You will shine in all your plans and world will organize to concentrate on your power. Sun, Mars and Venus will unite and will help you to achieve your goals. Your energy and appeal will be enhanced in this month. You will be extra charged with energy and will be full of new enthusiasm and positive vibes. There will be lot partner and collaborations, which will stand by to help you in your wish. The result may be indifferent, but you will be successful and will come out of the last and previous failed opportunity.

Relationship and Love– Mars will move from your relationship house on July 28th 2014.Till July 28th Mars in your house will remain animated. The partnership is foreseen, but there can be also some tensions and rivalry in the companionship. So try to be optimistic and positive in your approach. Avoid any confrontation coming in your relationship corner.
Avoid your dominant tendency and too much possessiveness. Venus, the ruler of Aries house in July 2014 will support communications and shared feelings. You can go for a romantic and sensational date with your partner. A candle light dinner is foreseen.

Career and finance The Sun will shine in your 6th house your ideas can be hindered by cash problems. You need to reconsider your expense this month. Try to follow cost effective style in your life. The ruler of Aries house of work will be in your 3rd house in the first part of July. Along with mercury it will ease and will provide you with new opportunities. There will various ideas that will spring your mind, you will learn lots of thi8ngs and there is a huge possibility of negotiations and collaborations.
You will start new things and will enjoy doing adventure.

Health will be outstanding this month. Aries house of disease will be free from any negative energy this month. Your health will be improved and all your medical worries will vanish. Take advantage of July 2014, to get excellent shape. Your health and fitness will be amazing.

Advice for Aries- Socialize in family and gift your loved ones.

Lucky stone-Red coral
Lucky color- Red/ Pink/ White
Lucky day-Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday
Lucky No-3/8




Taurus June 2014 indicates, an awesome month to start a new venture. Your appeal will be amazing, and your thoughts will be realistic and practical. Lots of money will be in your pocket, Saturn will in your 2nd house- cash and ideas will create surprise. There will be surprising earnings or too much investment. Be careful, that you keep an eye on your finance. Mercury will offer you great emotional stability and excellent communication in all fronts of life.

Relationship and Love July 2014 for Taurus people will be more practical rather than romantic. Your love will need certainty and tangible rather than a cakewalk. You will urge for nicer gift, rather than romantic song. Sun and Mars in your 5th house will increase the romantic creativity and there can be some sensitive and passionate romantic encounters. If you are single, and looking for your better half, then never be surprised if you meet your romantic partner

Career and Finance July 2014 will be a lively month for you. You will be busy in all these 30 days. You will meet lots of people, discuss, meetings, collaborations, partnership are foreseen.
With Venus and Mercury in Taurus house of money, the first part of this month will be quite generous. Intellectual activities, communications, collaborations and trips are foreseen.
In the last part of the month, Sun in Taurus 4th house, will do lot with real estate properties, premises, buildings and lands. You will definitely improve your money department this month.

Health Mars will leave the Taurus house of disease at the end of this month, so if you were in some health problem, then it might be completely cured. But until the last part of this month, stay away from unhealthy food. Inflammations, accidents and infections may occur.

Advice– Don’t waste money on the useless things

Lucky stone- Diamond
Lucky Day- Wednesday/Friday/Saturday
Lucky Color-White/Cream/Blue
Lucky No- 2/10/11





Gemini July Horoscope
In July 2014, you will notice a competitive issue between Saturn and Mars. Saturn will make you disciplined and Mars will tend you to be little rash. Don’t be surprised, if you spend all these 30 days in resolving conflict, quarrels and differences. You may be little disturbed, but ideas and creativity will flow smoothly. You will also succeed in furnishing your ideas and plans. You will provide support to those around you. You will be confident enough to implement your decision and support to the person in need.

Relationship and Love Keep low details, With Venus, the planet of love in Gemini, love will easily find its way to you and your heart will jump with lovely and romantic vibes. Venus will bring optimism and sweetness, and will also bring charm and elegance. If you want to be happy, you need only to obey Venus.
Unreliable Mars and Saturn may bring stress in your family relationship, so you have to be optimistic and keep small details to avoid any confrontations. Think before you speak and act with care, as previous worries may encounter your life.

Career and Finance– It will be a period of important financial deals for you. The Gemini house of money will be crossed by Sun, Mercury and Venus. This cross will make you understand the material spheres, which will capture your interest and you will utilize your energy for to get huge financial benefit. You will get higher incomes and profit, but there is risk of huge expense also, so try to be careful.
At the professional front, a new period will bring. Jupiter will enter Leo on July 16th, 2014 and it will bring a year of progress and satisfaction. Ambitions will grow, projects will be accomplished. Prestige will be enhanced.

Health You will be in a very good shape. The retrograde mercury will resume direct motion from 1st July. Venus will keep you happy and charming. You will be exceedingly optimistic and psychologically healthy.

Advice – Enjoy all the pleasures, but don’t spend too much.

Lucky Stone-Emerald
Lucky day- Monday/Friday/Saturday
Lucky Color- Green/Blue
Lucky No-10/11




You will be creative and admirable in the sky. The Sun and Mars will be having an eat in your 3rd house. Lots of emails, trips are forecasted, so you are going to be very busy bee in all these 30 days. You will be highly creative and benefit from your creative ideas. You will open your ideas with the world, and the world will appreciate your unique and innovative ideas. You will experience a beneficial impact on other’s lives. On 21st Sun will change into Libra and you will experience family love. Neptune and Uranus in your 8th house will urge you for some modification.

Relationship and Love As, Mercury will create an impact on the connections; you need to be very careful regarding your talking and views. You need to be sure that your connection is apparent and accurate, especially around your family and romance as these two areas are highly outlined. Try to avoid your emotional outbursts and be optimistic and calm.
The seductive Venus will be a sensual mood, starting July 18th 2014. Venus will be highly cooperative in love, harmony and emotions.

Career and Finance– Cash will definitely make its way into your pocket this month. Mercury will arrive in cancer in July 13th, 2014, so your mind will be more alert and ideas will come easily. You will utter your words with more confidence and communication will be extremely smooth. As regards with money, a long lucky period will begin.
Finally, on July 28th, 2014, Mars, the ruler of cancer house of career will end its stay in libra. The lock will be unlocked and some great opportunity will knock at your door.

Health- You will be in an excellent shape. July 2014 will bless you with charm and healthy life. There is no need to worry about your health. Only the full moon on 11th and 12th July, may disturb you.

Advice- Welcome innovation and change

Lucky Stone- Yellow Sapphire
Lucky Day- Tuesday/Wednesday
Lucky Color- White/Yellow/Pink
Lucky No-2/4/8



Leo’s will be far better, as the Sun and Mars will enjoy your 2nd house of money and value. Professional growth is highly beneficial this month. You will analyze your way of life and will judge all the spheres of your life. Mercury in your 3rd house of communication will tend to organize highly influential speeches and interaction. Jupiter will be very effective throughout this month. You will be on the top of the world in these 30 days, so Leo’s enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Relationship and Love You will have favorable circumstances and love will flow in your life. Discreet romance is foreseen, and loving vibes from unforeseen area is predicted. In the first part of July, Venus will be in your area of love, so favorable relationship and partnership is indicated. Lot of fun, promises and sentimental opportunities facilitated by friends, and group activity will cherish you.
On July 16th, 2014, a major change will occur, as Jupiter will enter Leo. A period of self accomplishment and satisfaction on several levels is indicated.

Career and Finance –Brilliant Sun and hardworking mars in your 2nd house will adore you with new opportunity and ventures. But Mercury retrograde, warns you to be less cautious regarding any major decisions to be taken. There is a chance of mis communications. In the first part of July 2014, you can count on very good popularity on behalf of friends, protectors or fans. You will develop harmoniously.
Mars will create companies for powerful economic advantage on your financial front. Take this opportunity and try to look over your previous investment also.

Health- The first part of July is indicating an advanced state of tiredness. Try to take care of your health. Don’t be lethargic and lazy. The Nervous system may go weak.

Advice- Large scale initiatives are there, but analyze before you move forward.

Lucky Stone- Spinal
Lucky Day- Sunday/Thursday/Friday
Lucky Color-Golden Yellow
Lucky No- 1/8




Virgo in the month of July will experience, excellent energy, but your appeal will be damaged, which indicates that you could have the dropping ideas to mix up the assets. Your goals will be outstanding and you will cherish the success and aroma of your goal. Your ideas will be little traumatic, and you will consider the aspects which you have not accomplished. Your goals may not be spectacular, but you will have the products to put the devices into actions. A new relationship is possible as Venus will cross the highest part of your horoscope.

Relationship and love life A new relationship is possible, if we consider that Mercury and Venus are crossing the highest part of Virgo’s horoscope. Venus will generate a higher need for love, closeness and communication. The Relationship will be tender, cordial, harmonious and benevolent. If you are single, then a new relationship is on the cards.
Believe in your intuition, take plenty of time to decide and start any romantic encounter. Family front needs patience and positive action. Avoid confrontations and be positive.

Career and Finance- The sun will be in Virgo’s house of popularity and support in the first part of the July. Mercury and Venus will arrive in the second part of the month. July 2014 will be splendid for promotion, success, authority and recognition. Things will work by themselves and you will enjoy the success of your hard work.
Interactions, communication and collaborations will be vital in this month. After 21st July 2014, Sun will change to Libra and your 2nd house concentrating your wealth and cash. Don’t be surprised if you get heaps of cash and rewards.

Health- You will be well ,the first two decans of July 2014. Your moral will be very high and energy will be excellent. Try to avoid too many excesses.

Advice– Socialize and make new friends.

Lucky Stone- Zambian emerald/Fluorite
Lucky day-Thursday/Saturday
Lucky color- White/Green
Lucky No-2/10/11




Libra should tend to be a little behind the scenes, as the Sun will be in your 12th house of secrecy and solitude with Neptune. It is admirable to be away from the reputation for a change. It will be a great opportunity to analyze your previous situations. Mars will create an overall look and your energy will definitely hit a low. Around 21st Sun will change to Libra, so you will be the right of life of the party.

Relationship and Love life With the effect of Venus directly in your 1st house will create sensational romantic encounters. The First part of July 2014 will provide you with wonderful moments. This is because Mars the ruler of Libra’s house of couple will form a tender trine with Venus, but also be cautious as it will conjunct with Sun for a explosion.
Venus will cross the highest area of your horoscope, celebrating love. Mars in Libra will highlight partnership spheres, and it doesn’t do in the pleasant way. On July 28th, 2014, it will leave Libra and all disputes will be solved.

Career and Finance- The Sun will be a Libra’s house of career till 23rd July 2014, while mercury will be crossing the same house too in the second part of the month, so success in the greatest area is highly indicated. Cultural events and activities in the form of trips and adventure is on the cards.
This is a period full of accomplishments!!!!!
On July 16th Jupiter will enter Libra house of protection and supporter, and will stay for 1 year. It will bring popularity, support and chance, especially in group actings or actions.

Health- You will be in a good health and will enjoy good shape. The cardinal cross that had brought stress will finally disappear.

Advice- Speak in public, look for supporters.

Lucky Stone- Diamond
Lucky Color- White/Blue
Lucky Day- Wednesday/Friday/Saturday
Lucky No-2/7



Scorpio will be happy as the Sun and Mars will conjoint your 11th house of wishes and objectives, which will combine your overall creativity and joie did a favor. As the attraction is towards your skill, you will definitely bring down some huge recognition and success in your work.
Be careful in the middle of this month, as Mercury changes retrograde. You will succeed to keep away from conflict and miscommunication in these 30 days. This month will give you terrific power, and you will outstand and shine in your entire endeavor.

Relationship and Love life Venus the planet of love and the ruler of couple houses of Scorpio, will be in the 8th house, so extreme care has to be taken in relationship front, as it doesn’t favor any actions. In other words 8th house will lead you to investigate the meaning of hidden things in your relationship.
On July 19th, 2014, Venus will enter your 9th house; will lead to sensational sentimental trips, long distance love, and spiritual communion.

Career and Finance- July 2014 will accomplish all your goals. This is a month of success in study, research, and in other professional. Work related trips and cultural events are on the cards. Tourism, import and export are extremely highlighted on your career front.
Jupiter, the greater benefit, will enter career house of Scorpio on July 16th 2014. Great positions, awards, appreciations, advancement, honor, and success will be on your shoulder. Mercury and Venus will speak of the benefit that will come through the partner, associations, gifts or solutions related to banks and other financial ventures.

Health-Health will be fine and Scorpio will enjoy good shape. Mars will leave 12th hose of Scorpio, a house unfavorable for health.

Advice- You can make grand projects

Lucky Stone- Yellow Sapphire
Lucky Color- White/Pink/Black
Lucky Day- Tuesday/Saturday
Lucky No-1/8/6




Sagittarius will be packed with career matter in this month. The Sun and Mars, both fire house will create excellent views and will light your 10th house of career. Your ideas are going to be proved in the long run. Mercury and Venus will be very happy climbing your desires of desires. You will be motivated enough in your individual relationship. After 21st, Sun will be in your 11th house of friendship and wishes, and you will focus attention, for what you really ant to intermingle.

Relationship and love life Venus the planet of love will pass the Sagittarius house of couples along with Mercury and it will lead to tenderness, harmony and understanding in a marriage relationship. Venus is the bearer of sensuality and it will lead to romantic and erotic feelings towards your partner. Mercury will also play a very favorable role.
The first part of the July 2014 will be very special to meet someone of your court. You will enjoy the company of that person. Mercury will play a very favorable role to stimulate communications.

Career and Finance The first two decans of July 2014 is very positive for your career prospect. You can sign advantageous contracts, collaborations can happen and meetings and business partnership is foreseen. July 2014 will have strong connotations for Sagittarius people. There will be a flow of money from relations, friends and life partner. There are high chances of the best collaborations.
The last part of this month may bring good social contracts and gifts can overflow in your life.

Health- Some deterioration of health is foreseen in the first part of the July 2014, but it will not last too long and you will enjoy good shape thereafter.

Advice- Weigh pros and cons before any investment.

Lucky Stone- Sunstone
Lucky Color- White/Yellow
Lucky Days- Thursday/Sunday
Lucky No-5/9/12



Capricorn will get lots of opportunity this month, if you are optimistic and your thoughts and plans are adventurous. You have to plan your goals and venture with care and positive attitude. Practice strategy and optimism. Don’t be surprised, if you have to return home before vacation. Throughout this 1 month, keep an eye on globe publisher. Uranus the globe of excellence and bad enjoyment will be in your 2nd house of cash and finance, so try to look over your expense.
But Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in this one month will give you good result, rather than negative one. These enjoyments will be positive one and full of charm and energy.

Relationship and love will be in the foreground, as Sun will stay in the Capricorns house of the couple. Person along with you will become the main character of the period and if you are single then, this will be the number one problem to be solved.
On July 13th, 2014 Mercury will enter the house of the couple, which will enhance communication and collaborations. Until July 18th Venus transit through Gemini will make Capricorn find people in the workplace.

Career and Finance Relationship will have a profound impact on the professional life of Capricorn. July 2014 will be important for contracts, collaborations, new development in the professional field. Companionship is highly highlighted in July 2014. You can be the leader of some large groups, because all the planets that go through Capricorn’s house of partnership will form a harmonious trine with Saturn.
On July 16th, 2014, Jupiter will enter Capricorns house of finance, you will expect extra income and financial growth till 2015. Mars will leave your career house on July 28th and will impart you relief and satisfaction.

Health Health will be fine as Mercury will take a positive turn in July 2014. Positive health vibes are higher forecasted. You will feel fresh and full of energy.

Advice Be creative in your work.

Lucky Stone- Yellow Beryl
Lucky Color-Orange/Yellow
Lucky Day-Tuesday/Friday
Lucky No- 9/12




Aquarius will direct all the concentration on family budget this month. However, this step can be the result of any kid dish step. Jupiter in your 7th house will make you glad for exclusive someone. The Sun in your 8th house along with Mercury can lead to some uncertainty, especially regarding emails and written communications. After 21st Sun will move into your 9th house, so much opportunity is awaited there. You will enjoy the love charm by highly benefitted Venus in your house of the couple.

Relationship will love Mercury will mix up this department, but you have to be optimistic and positive to take any step ahead. Until July 2014, you will benefit miraculously from Venus. Venus will give more strength to your emotions and feelings. Its a perfect period to express your erotic potential and emotions.
In the last decanate July 2014, it will be turn for an Aquarius house of couples to be brought in the spotlight.
Career and Finance An excellent month for Aquarius to promote image and talent. Venus will be in the best spotlight and will create favorable circumstance. You will be the center of attraction, people will like you and all your plans are going to take a big turnover.
First two parts of July 2014 will make you highly artistic and creative. Your administration and leadership skill will develop. With the Sun in Aquarius house f career will create a lot of autonomy and you could play the role of a leader. Mercury will be in the Aquarius house of work and will enhance intellectual communications.

Health You will enjoy good health. It’s a very good month for medical treatments and checkups.

Advice Work hard, but don’t be work alcoholic

Lucky Stone- Blue sapphire
Lucky Color- Blue/White
Lucky Days- Friday/Saturday
Lucky No- 10/11




Pisces will experience a charm in their house of commitment as the Sun and Mars be together in the 7th house of love and relationship. But as Mercury is retrograde, be ready to face uncertainty and uncertain problems. Don’t be upset, and try to be optimistic and avoid any confrontations in this area. After 21st Sun will change into beneficial Libra, which will positively enhance your house environment.

Relationship and love life This is a very romantic month in store for you. Pisces house of love will be full of eroticism and romantic vibes. Jupiter will spend the last days in this house, before leaving on 16th July 2014. The Jupiter-Sun combination in your house of love and eroticism will bring enthusiasm, passion, and thirst for adventure and good luck.
On July 13th, 2014, Mercury will be in the same house of joy and will create novelty and innovation. After Jupiter, Venus the planet of love will occupy your house so it will again bring sensuality and earthly pleasure.

Career and Finance July 2014 will be more appropriate for the holiday and fun. But if you need to work, then you must boost your efficiency. Planet loves you and will promote you in your professional front. Success will top you, especially creative activities, representations and actions. On July 16th, 2014, Jupiter will enter Pisces house of work and will bring an era of change, chance and satisfactions.
There can be some economic mistake on the financial front, so you have to check it immediately. Turn those yearnings into something valuable and make costly affair.

Health You will have lots of physical energy. You will enjoy dancing, physical exercise and intimate relationship. But try to avoid too much excess.

Advice- Socialize and have fun

Lucky Stone- Sapphire
Lucky Color- White/Green
Lucky Days- Friday/Saturday
Lucky No-2/12


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Yellow Sapphire Gemstone|Benefits of Yellow Sapphire |Price of Yellow Sapphire | Yellow Sapphire-Pukhraaj

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) gemstone

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) gemstone

Yellow Sapphire is scientifically made of aluminum and fluorine. It has large deposits of these two important minerals. It is basically found in India, Brazil, Kenya, Australia, United States and Russia. This stone is mainly found in yellow colors, but some rare variety of orange and white colors are still found in some parts of the world. From the astrological point of view, Yellow Sapphire gemstone is considered one of the most important and powerful stone. It is associated with planet Jupiter, so it is very vital in the field of astrology.

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

The astrological, physical and metaphysical properties of this stone make it an apt choice for all. Besides the qualities of growth and expansion, it also provides an individual with physical pleasure, mental peace, prosperity, luck, name and fame. It has a unique property to remove anger and aggressive tendency in a person. It calms the mind. It bestows a person with sound sleep and mental peace. This stone also helps the wearer from accidental death, and evil spirits.

Yellow Sapphire gemstone has a divine power vibration and it removes all the hindrances coming in one’s marriage. It also specifically helps the women to find good and compatible marriage partners. Person who are already married can bring good cordial relation by wearing this gemstone. It also strengthens the bond of friendship.

This gemstone is also associated with fertility. It is very helpful for the couples who are unable to get child after  continued efforts.

Healing Properties

This stone has an immense healing power. It cures liver disease, heals lungs. It regulates gland and calm body system. It treats blood disorders also. It also cures throat and thyroid gland.

How to wear Yellow Sapphire

It should be always worn not less than 3 carats. It should be studded in gold or bronze. Gemstones remain effective till they are in good color and flawless. As soon as they become dull, it can cause harm to the wearer. If your yellow sapphire gets dull, then it becomes vulnerable to act harmful for your health. An asymmetric shape in your gemstone may cause bad luck to you.

Test before buying Yellow Sapphire

It shouldn’t show any color change when placed in milk.

It is the hardest known minerals, so it shouldn’t show scratches easily.

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How to make a Gem Elixir



Place a cleansed, non friable crystal in a glass bowl with spring water( Place friable or toxic stones in a small glass jar and then in the glass bowl. This is the indirect method). Then stend the bowl in sunlight for twelve hours. Remove the crystal and bottle the mother tincture in a glass bottle with an airtight stopper. Keep it for more than a week and add fifty percent brandy or vodka, or vinegar as a preservative. Store in a cool, dark place. Add to bath water .

All the crystal and gemstones are available at astrokapoor…