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Love Compatibility Report


Marriage is one of the most important critical decisions of life. Marriage is not only a merely about love making, but is a combination of two souls. It is also about giving and taking, in laws, sharing, sacrifice, babies and all this could only happen if there is perfect love compatibility between two partners. Marriage is a moral and a Karmic obligation. It is the profound commitment between the two people where two unfamiliar people unite with each other to create a new union. Get your Love Compatibility Report at Astrokapoor.

Vedic astrology helps to strengthen the bond and love between the two people for a compatible love life. If there is perfect compatibility in marriage it leads to a healthy, loving relationship. Vedic astrology takes into consideration natural constellation for study of compatibility between two partners.

If you are unmarried then know the
1 Finest period to get proposals
2. Know all about your marriage, love and compatibility.
3. Know whether will be arranged or love?
4. Know whether you and your spouse are compatible or not?
5. Why there is delay in your marriage?
6. Uncertain and confused in making commitment.
7. Will you remain bachelor/spinster whole life?
8. Do you have pre – marital or extra – marital affairs?
9. What is the best way to know your partner?
10. Find whether you will get married to the person of your choice?

If you are married
1. You are in a dilemma whether your married and love life will be compatible?
2. Do you have complete marital bliss?

If you are already married and facing difficulties, as issues related to divorce. Your spouse cheating and remarriage then go for the love compatibility report.

You can also ask for other specific questions related to love compatibility not included in the points mentioned above.

If you wish to be aware of the fluctuation in your love and marriage life, or perhaps the best and the toughest period of your love and marriage life, then opt for the Love compatibility report.

Astrologers at will help to identify various favorable and unfavorable phase of your life. We also need the details of your partner to make a correlation between the two horoscopes. Thereby, exposing areas of love and marital discord between the two people.

Please note – Vedic astrology is very precise, and it needs time of birth, place of birth and date of birth for proper predictions regarding the love and marriage compatibility.


Turquoise-Feroza Rosary 9mm |

Turquoise-Feroza Rosary

Source: Turquoise-Feroza Rosary 9mm |

What is special about Turquoise Rosary-Firoza Mala?
Turquoise is known to bring good luck and fortune to the wearer. It helps you to balance and clear emotions. Turquoise guards against violence, accidents and negative energies. This stone carries a strong healing vibration due o high copper content. Turquoise heals the viral infections and alleviates pollution. It reduces acidity, gout, rheumatism and stomach ache. This stone has an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying action against pain and cramps and beneficial for the people who got delayed in marriage and still looking for a relationship. Firoza Rosaries - Astrologerparshant

Today, Turquoise is still used as a talisman by pilots, cabin crews, and people who work in high-risk environment.

Turquoise has a very strong healing power in depression and mental disease. It acts on the central nervous system and cures the system.

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Ceylon Yellow Sapphire 2.86 carat | | Yellow Sapphire gemstone Price in India | Yellow Sapphire gemstone Price in Delhi | Buy Certified Yellow Sapphire Gemstone in wholesale prices

Buy Certified Ceylon Yellow Sapphire-Pukhraj-Pushraj provided by ‘’ are best quality in the world at wholesale prices. If you are looking for Yellow Sapphire-Pukhraj oval gemstone in UK US, Dubai then visit to

Source: Ceylon Yellow Sapphire 2.86 carat | | Yellow Sapphire gemstone Price in India | Yellow Sapphire gemstone Price in Delhi | Buy Certified Yellow SapphiYellow Sapphire - Astrokapoor.comre Gemstone in wholesale prices

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What to Ask – Before Buying Gemstone


The right question can help you to get an excellent and natural gemstone. It is the only way you can be sure what you are comparing when considering gems from different jewellers. Be sure that jeweller answers your question exactly what you want. There are certain questions athat can help you to get a certified and a genuine gemsotne-

a) Is this a genuine, a natural stone, or a synthetic?

b) Is the color natural becuse most gemstones are coloured enhanced .

c) The clarification of the namke is essential before buying any precious and a semi-precious gemstone.

d) Is the clarity of the gemstone acceptable?

e) Is the color permanent or treated?

f) Does the stone need a protective setting as it is important in the gemstones, tanzanite, opalo and emerald.

g) Does the stone have a pleasing and an attractive shape?

h) Do you like the color of the gemstone? Is it appealing to you? How does the color look different in the sunshine?

i) What are colorless stone?

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Peridot – Mercury Gemstone


Proper gem recommendation can help to combat the hurdles and the incoming dangers coming in your life. But the gemstone should be worn at the correct time. Consultation of a gemstone should be from an expert astrologer.

The gemstone shown below is PERIDOT. It is also called as Poorman’s emerald because it is cheaper than Emerald but helps to bring beneficiaries of Mercury.

Peridot activates the inactive Mercury and helps to give benefits in education and relationship.

Click to read complete details of Peridot..