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Raees or Kaabil – Who will beat the bang?

Raees and Kaabil, two great Bollywood event, releasing on 25-01-2017, total 7 of 2+5 and total, if we add total of date, month and year. No 9, representing planet Jupiter – in numerology planet. Jupiter the greater benefic and luck factor for major events of the mundane world and human life.

Raees, featuring Shahrukh Khan and Mahira Khan. This story is an Indian crime-thriller, can be very well supported by No 9 (In numerology number 9 is Mars ) Mars, as it is a fire and denotes war and leader. No 9 is a leader and posseses a great ambition and strong drive for success. There is an element of sacrifice in number 9.

Raees name culminates to 12, total 3. Number 3 is represented by Mercury (astrology analysis), and Jupiter, if we analyse it according to numerology. Number 3 stands for positivity and leadership but the movie Raees is a crime thriller, well it may by the benevolent Jupiter although it may respond little well due to fire of number 9.

Kaabil, featuring Hrtihik Roshan and Yami Gautam, the two of them makes a great pair on screen. If we analyse the name number of this movie, then it culminates to 9, representing Jupiter, astrologically and Mars, on numerology basis.

Mars and Jupiter is making great pair for Kaabil because the release date of kaabil is also in conjunct benefic to the start of the movie. Hrithik is in the lead role in kaabil, born on 9th Jan supporting him from all the celestial world.

The greater benefic Jupiter will shadow Kaabil. Luck and good fortune are always associated with Jupiter. It can give great accomplishment and prosperity to the elements associated with it.

Therefore, if according to numerology and astrology, we can infer that Kaabil will dominate Raees and will appeal to the people. The start of this movie will be great; will leave a long lasting impact on the mind map of the people.

Enjoy friends…..

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Saturn Transiting to Sagittarius – 27th January 2017

A major planetary change – Saturn is transiting to Sagittarius ( Dhanu ) on 27-01-2017, major hiccups for all the ascendants. During this transition, it will pass through three Nakshatras i.e. Moola Nakshatra of Ketu, Purva Ashadaha of Venus and Uttara Ashadha of Sun.

What will be the impact of this transition?
How will it cast its shadow when it will cross through these three Nakshatras?

In general, loss of money, tension and health problems is foreseen on the cards, but it is not same for all ascendants. Results may vary according to the position of Saturn in your horoscope and if you are going through a major period of Saturn.

Get your complete detailed report of Saturn transit for two and a half years now.

Get in touch with our expert astrologer Mr. Prashant Kapoor and get remedies and proper gemstone recommendation.

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Libido Treatment by Ayurveda

Treatment of Libido by Ayurveda and Medical Astrology
Libido is a condition in which there is less or low sexual drive. It can occur in both male and female. By advancing age or due to some secondary cause, low libido is a common problem in females.
What causes low libido?
Low libido is caused due to a number of reasons, sometimes physical and sometimes psychological and sometimes both. Physical issues that cause low libido is low level of testosterone in the male, too little or too much exercise, alcohol consumption, and drug abuse.  In total out of 4 men in 10 less than 45 years of age suffers from low sexual desire. Healthier lifestyle may help in removing the condition of the same. Ayurveda can completely cure the libido and its causes. Ayurvedic treatments involve the use of several herbs and Ayurvedic medicines that can help in balancing the hormone and the reproductive organs of the body.
“Ayurveda is a very old science that uses vajikarana therapy to cure libido problems in male”, it uses several herbal medicines and Ayurvedic herbs that can completely cure Libido. Some of the main Ayurvedic medicines that can cure libido are ASHWAGANDHA, SHATAVARI, PURE COW GHEE, MUSLI, SAFED MUSLI and VAJIKARANA THERAPY.
Libido Treatment by Medical Astrology
Medical astrology is very useful in the treatment of libido. Astrological science has a very vast research for the planets, which occupies various houses of our birth chart. Sometimes it is seen that even all the conditions are healthy, yet a person suffers from low sex drive. This can be due to the ill placement of planets of conjugation and progeny. If the karaka lord is weak in the horoscope then general weakness, but not amounting to the disease should be looked very carefully.
·         The position of planets in the 6th house is also seen for concluding the cause of libido.
·         Saturn represents chronic disease and its presence in any house of love and romance can affect the libido and sexual drive in male and the female.
·         The planet mars signifies passion and its combination with a cold planets i.e. Moon or its placement in the enemy house can cause low libido.
·         Under development of male reproductive organs and the weak genitalia also signifies a weak Mars in the horoscope.
These are the few basic astrological points studied for the cause and the cure of low libido. There are also certain permutations and combinations studied in detail for the complete analysis of libido problem. If you are looking for a medical astrologer in India, USA and UK, then you may contact our expert medical astrologerMr Prashant Kapoor. He has treated several cases of libido by combining medical astrology and Ayurveda.

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Vertigo Treatment In Medical Astrology

Ayurvedic Treatment of Vertigo
Vertigo is characterized by the feeling of dizziness. In Ayurveda, this condition is called as Bhrama. It is a rampant disease condition but not much is known about this condition. Whenever people suffer from dizziness, they think vertigo is the primary cause for the same but there is a marked difference between normal dizziness and vertigo. There is a symptomatic line of difference between normal dizziness and vertigo.
Definition of Vertigo
In Ayurveda, Vertigo is known as Bhrama. Vertigo or Bhrama is a balance disorder, which is called as head rush, or spinning condition. A person suffering from vertigo feels that entire surrounding is spinning and they are unable to stand properly in an upright position.
According to Ayurveda, Vertigo can occur at any age of life and there arecertain reason that can initiate this balance disorder.
Cause of Vertigo or Bhrama
Ayurveda has explained that Vertigo or Bhrama is caused by the disturbance in the vata and the pitta doshas. When these two elements in the body are disturbed then it causes abnormal functioning of balance mechanism within the inner part of the ear. The main cause of vertigo is vestibular imbalance i.e. an imbalance in the inner part of the ear. Such types of imbalance occurs due to various reasons such as
·         Arthiritic pain and precipitate vertigo.
·         Brain tumors.
·         Anemia and Migraine.
·         Viral illness such as common cold and cough.
·         Serious neck ailments such as cervical spondylosis.
·         Cardiovascular disorder such as arrhythmic heart beat.
Symptoms of Vertigo or Bhrama as per Ayurveda
·         Nausea and vomiting is felt at several times during day
·         Depression and feeling of malaise
·         Palpitation of the heart and irregular heart beat
·         A feeling that the world is moving around the eye up and down
·         The person is prone to excessive sweat and panting during the attack of vertigo.
·         Inability to concentrate in work
Ayurvedic Treatment of Vertigo or Bhrama
Various Ayurvedic herbs and medicines can treat vertigo. Ayurveda also implies to follow a proper and a healthy life style for balancing the vata and the pitta doshas in the body.
Ashwagandha, Gingko and Valacha are the ayurvedic herbs that can treat vertigo. Ashwagandha helps to improve the flow of oxygen in the body used in the respiratory problem following bhrama. Gingko is the most effective herb that improves the circulatory system in the body. It facilitates the better flow of oxygen in all parts of the body. This herb also removes the tingling sensation in the ear. The root of the vacha tree provides relief from the vertigo or Bhrama.
Diet During Vertigo
A proper diet should be followed during Vertigo. As per Ayurveda, a healthy diet for vertigo or Bhrama includes:
·         A diet low in fatty content
·         No consumption of vegetables in raw form
·         Nuts and warm milk before going to bed
·         Try to have 8 glass of water in a day
These are the precautions and the herbs that have a longer effect in the treatment of Vertigo, but sometimes although a person is healthy suffer from vertigo. This can be due to the improper placement f benefic planet in the horoscope and the impact of malefic planets in the benefic house. For this detailed analysis of the condition and the cause of vertigo, is essential. If you are looking for the treatment of Vertigo in India, USA, and UK then you may consult Astrologer Prashant Kapoor. He is an expert medical astrologer and treats vertigo or Bhrama by Ayurveda and Medical astrology.

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Corporate Astrology

Corporate Astrology:
Now days in Corporate world role of a Corporate Astrologers has become more important in worldwide in the present scenario. Nowadays all corporate and leading multinational companies have started taking help of Corporate Astrologers for maximizing their efforts and for global leadership. For astrological points of view Corporate Entity is ruled by various individuals which include the CEO or Managing Directors. The horoscopes of these key persons become of paramount importance for its smooth running operations and its growth prospects. In Corporate Astrology if these aspects are taken care of at the time of appointment of the key managerial people then there will be very good chances of success of a body corporate. The analysis of the horoscopes of the key persons of the organization helps us in identifying the areas of investment and selecting the line of business. This is very important for the success of the project. Here, the horoscopes analysis tells about the suitability of various persons for specified jobs. The availability of the project finance, once the project has been decided again depends on the sentiments of the stock market and economic conditions. It calls for tactical analysis so the efforts put in for the initial public offer or seeking project finance from the financial institutions are successful.

Each member of the top management team should have:
Optimum leadership quality for planning, organizing and monitoring the area of his/her operations which is represented by the Sun.
Good analytical power to take best decisions in the available circumstances which are governed by Mercury.
Supportive temperament of other members of the team which is governed by Venus.
Intuitive power in managerial decision making, which is jointly represented by the Sun and Jupiter.
Capacity to keep all concerned well informed about the activities, which is governed by the moon.
Stamina required for the implementation of the project which is represented by Mars.
Developing the Senior and Line managers for taking as various positions for operations which is governed by the Jupiter.
Trustworthiness and continued relationship which is governed by the Jupiter and the Sun.

If you wish to take any consultation regarding your business then you may contact Astrologer Prashant Kapoor at

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Kal Sarpa Dosha Remedies

Kalsarpa Dosha is considered an unlucky yoga of Nabhasa Yoga. Kalsarpa Dosha is associated with physical deformity, misfortune, deceit and continuous loss. Kalsarpa Dosha also brings some positive effects which are exceptional success in the field of study, administration, philosophy etc. This Dosha occurs due to a certain placement of Rahu and Ketu in the birth chart of a person.

Kaal signifies death, so the person passing through kalsarpa Dosha faces death like agonies throughout the life.

What is Kalsarpa Dosha? According to Vedic astrology, this Dosha is formed when all the planets are surrounded by the Rahu and Ketu in the birth chart. According to the ancient text, it is known that if you have hurt snake, or killed snakes, or caused troubles to the snakes then you have to face the hardship of Kalsarpa Dosha. It’s not just of harming the snakes, but if you have caused troubles to your parents, ill-treated your lives, caused harm to the innocence, caused sexual molestation or humiliated deaf/dumb/ and blind people then you have to face the punishment of kalsarpa Dosha in the next birth. Due to the position of Rahu and Ketu in the angle of 180 degree, twelve types of Kalsarpa Dosha are formed.

But by certain remedies, you can get rid of the Kalsarpa Dosha. If your horoscope has this Dosha then perform Archanas for Rahu and Ketu in Tirupampuram temple, to Lord Shiva at Kalahasti temple, to Lord Murugua and Lord Ananda. It is also known that this Dosha is very effective till the 33 years of age. So, if you have crossed 33 years then you are meant to enjoy life.
The Kalsarpa Yoga is more effective in mundane horoscope rather than the human horoscope. If a country is formed under the influence of kalsarpa Yoga then its growth is hampered by the loss, conflicts, border terrorism and corruption etc.India got independence during this Dosha, so hardships, cross-border terrorism, and corruption are the ongoing issue which our country is still fighting for.

Remedial Measures for kalsarpa Dosha
Do not harm or kill snakes and other reptiles ever. Try to leave a snake in the forest on the day of Amavasya.
Install a 5 hooded Sarpa raja made of silver, offer turmeric raw rice, chant the mantras and keep it in a Lord Subramanyeswara swamy temple.
Offer oblations to ancestors.
Regular performance of santi pooja on the eve of Shasti Tithi can help to ward off the negative effect ok Kalsarpa Dosha.
Pray Lord Hanuman
Feed ants and fishes
Perform Nagdosha Pooja

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Male Impotence Treatment in Medical Astrology

Ayurvedic Treatment of Impotence
Impotence is the problem of this digital era. Out of the 10 people, 9 is suffering from impotence and infertility. Impotence or erectile dysfunction is the inability to keep an erection and can happen to men at any age.
The treatment of Impotence is difficult with the help of medical science, as it requires too much time for complete cure but in Ayurveda, there are certain herbs and medicines that have proved remarkable in the treatment of Impotence.
Ayurveda is a holistic system of treatment that uses constitutional model for the treatment of Impotence. Several aspects of Ayurveda are implemented for the healing process.
·     The things are observed and guided properly in Ayurveda for the complete cure of the disease.     The energetic forces are also considered before the initiation of any medication.
     The energetic forces are also considered before the initiation of any medication.
    Ayurveda lays stress on the disciplined and a healthy life style to get a healthy mind and a healthy body.
   Its recommendations are different for the different persons because the body constitution for each person is sparingly different.
Read more and get complete treatment from only medical astrologer – Mr Prashant Kapoor