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Advantage of Rock Crystal Quartz – Astrokapoor

Source: Advantage of Rock Crystal Quartz – Astrokapoor

Why Rock Crystal Quartz?
Rock crystal quartz comes under the category of semiprecious gemstone. Semiprecious stones have as much power as precious gemstones. These are also cheaper than the precious gemstones and heal mind and body without any harm. You can use this crystal in a pendant or ring even if you don’t have your horoscope.

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Healing Properties of Snake Skin Jasper – Astrokapoor

Source: Healing Properties of Snake Skin Jasper – Astrokapoor

Healing Properties of Snake Skin Jasper
Snake Skin Jasper is called as “Supreme Nurture”. The healing properties of snakeskin jasper are to repair the damaged portion of the physical torso. On the mental ground it is jewel pebble that gives one an ability to think out of the box. The enhanced skill of this tone helps to grow one in life and cultivates the capabilities to transform irrelevant thoughts into action. Physically, Snakeskin Jasper is very effective in the treatment of gallbladder and kidney stones.

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Name Suggestions for New Born Child – Astrokapoor

Source: Name Suggestions for New Born Child – Astrokapoor

Everyone urge for bright future of the child. Child astrology can help to ascertain the bright future and success of your child. When a new child is born parents quickly thinks for a remarkable astrological name for their child so that he or she may be unique in the surroundings. They take astrological name opinion from various people such as panditas and various books with the meanings of the names. However, although we may find beautiful names, it is essential that a proper name with beautiful meaning owed to the name of the child.