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Importance of Color Shades In Jyotish Gemstone

Jyotish Quality Gemstone is not found easily. They are very rare and that is the reason they are hard to obtain similarly as life is not a cakewalk. Many people think that the gemstone which they are buying is a Jyotish gemstone but it is not so. We have to be very cautious regarding the Jyotish gemstone and its quality.

Prerequisite of a Jyotish Gemstone

Depicted below is Jyotish quality yellow sapphire

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Vedic Astrology and Wealth


We urge for wealth. The mere thought of great wealth brings a shine to the eyes of every one of us. Everyone in this world wants it but few are blessed with it. In this small write up, we shall take a detailed look at what brings the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi into one’s life.

What are the combinations in a horoscope for good wealth


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Emerald Gemstone Astrology

emerald gemstone

Emerald is the gemstone for Mercury. It is also called as “Panna “in Hindi. According to Vedic astrology, Emerald/Panna is associated to planet Mercury and is responsible for communication, intelligence, education and intuition. The planet mercury also signifies love and relationship and it is believed that if man and woman gift emerald to each other can promote growth of love in their life.

Who can wear Emerald ( Do visit to see new version of our website )

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